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Denis ZilberbergApril 13, 2022Wrongful Termination

Employers tend to have substantial flexibility when giving reasons for terminating employees. That’s not to say an employer can fire you for absolutely any reason they see fit. In California, there are potential instances when an employer may be breaking the law by terminating an employee.

Do you believe that you have been the victim of wrongful termination? If so, contact an attorney. You may have the option of taking legal action.

A lawyer’s expertise will play a critical role in showing that the reason you lost your job is not a valid one. This basic overview explains some of the ways an attorney might demonstrate that you have been the victim of wrongful termination.

How to Prove That You Were Wrongfully Terminated

There is no single universal way to prove that you were terminated wrongfully. The proper way to show that an employee was wrongfully terminated will vary depending on a number of factors, such as the reason an employer may have given for said termination.

Keep in mind that virtually no employer will openly admit they terminated an employee despite not having a valid legal reason to do so. An employer will always claim their reason for terminating an employee was justified.

However, it may be possible to leverage evidence indicating an employer’s stated reason for terminating you is not backed up by the facts.

For example, perhaps your employer claims they terminated you due to poor performance. If this is a lie they are using to conceal the fact that they terminated you for reasons that are not legally permitted, you could present such evidence as past performance reviews indicating your employer never objected to the quality of your performance in any substantial way before. You might also cite emails or other forms of correspondence in which your employer specifically and clearly praises your work.

Another reason an employer may give to justify terminating your employment despite not having a legitimate reason to do so involves claiming that you committed harassment or engaged in similar behavior that warranted your firing. Such claims may be fabrications. Your employer could tell you they have received complaints about your conduct and are terminating your employment on the basis of those complaints, without giving much detail regarding the specific sources of these complaints. They might not be able to provide such details if they are lying in an effort to convince you that you’re losing your job because others have taken issue with your behavior in the workplace.

In this scenario, your attorney could request that your lawyer provide evidence of these complaints. If they are unable to do so (and particularly if your coworkers and other members of the company are willing to directly refute your employer’s claims), your attorney could demonstrate that the true reason you lost your job must have been related to another issue your employer does not wish to address. For example, maybe your firing was an act of retaliation because you reported that your employer was engaging in unsafe or unethical practices.

Those are just a few examples. Each case is unique. If you think you’ve been terminated wrongfully, discuss the circumstances in greater detail with a Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney at The Kaufman Law Firm. We will review your case and explain your options. Contact us online or call us at 310-981-3404.


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