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Hollywood And IATSE Reach Deal, Avoid Strike, But Other Labor Issues Linger

Denis ZilberbergOctober 14, 2021

Labor unrest seems to be the plot conflict in Hollywood these days. Months of contentious negotiations between the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) and the studios finally came to an end after they reached a deal to prevent crew members from striking and bringing the entertainment industry to a painstaking halt. If you […]

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Filing A Wage And Hour Claim 101 

Denis ZilberbergJune 22, 2021

In California, an employee has two choices for filing a wage and hour claim: (1) they can file with the Labor Commissioner’s Officer, or (2) they can file with the Superior Court of California. It is important to know where to file your claim, as it may affect the outcome of your case. The attorneys […]

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Lawsuit Against Uber & Lyft – How This Could Impact You

Denis ZilberbergMay 14, 2020

As the economies of California and the rest of the United States begin to gradually open up after major shutdowns caused by the coronavirus pandemic, one major news story is dominating headlines in the state – the lawsuit against Uber and Lyft. The state of California and many city governments are joining together in an […]

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$12 Million In Citations For California’s Largest Private Company Wage Theft Case

Denis ZilberbergMarch 23, 2019

A Los Angeles construction subcontractor found out the hard way that California’s labour commission is tough on violations of the state’s wage and hour laws. RDV Construction was at the heart of California’s largest private company wage theft case and was ordered to pay $12 million dollars for its alleged violations. Los Angeles wage and […]

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California’s Harsher Penalties For Hour And Wage Violations

Denis ZilberbergMarch 16, 2019

California’s wage and hour laws are more favorable to workers than federal wage and hour laws, which means that California businesses are subject to harsher standards and penalties for violations than businesses in other states that simply adopt federal wage and hour law. For example, California’s minimum wage is higher than federal law and California […]

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‘On Call’ Workers Must Be Paid, Court Tells Clothing Retailer

Denis ZilberbergFebruary 16, 2019

The Second District Court of Appeals in Los Angeles dealt a blow on behalf of working Californians with its recent decision regarding the payment of employees waiting for on-call before a possible shift. In its 2-1 decision, the state appeals court ruled Monday that employees who are required to phone their employers two hours prior […]

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Bay Area Restaurant To Pay $690k For Withholding Tips, Violating Overtime Laws

Denis ZilberbergFebruary 9, 2019

The popular eatery Gordo Taqueria has agreed to pay out $690,000 to its workers as a result of a class action claim against it alleging wage violations. This agreement is just one of many recent settlements involving Bay Area restaurants, such as the mid-January settlement between Rangoon Ruby’s, with that eating establishment agreeing to pay […]

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What Salary Increases Should California Employees Expect In January 2019?

Denis ZilberbergDecember 22, 2018

“Salary increase.” Any employee loves to hear these two words. And you may be surprised to learn that exempt employees are about to see their paychecks get bigger starting from January 2019. “Wait, how did I miss that?” you may be wondering. If this news caught you off guard, do not worry. You are not […]

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Bernie Sanders Targets Major Corporation Low Wage Practices

Denis ZilberbergSeptember 14, 2018

It’s called the “Stop Bad Employers by Zeroing Out Subsidies” or the “Stop BEZOS Act” and its aim is to target large companies who he says do not pay workers enough. Many people have long complained that the amount of money they make is not enough to live off of. Senator Sanders is specifically targeting […]

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Can You Sue Your Employer For Not Allowing You To Leave The Premises During A Meal Break?

Denis ZilberbergAugust 18, 2018

Is it a meal break violation in California if an employer does not permit employees to take meal breaks outside the work premises? “It might be,” says our Los Angeles wage and hour issues attorney at The Kaufman Law Firm. “But it is not that simple.” If you are required by your employer to stay […]

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