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Discrimination is still alive in the workplace. Although explicitly forbidden by labor laws in California, there are still many employers that discriminate against their employees due to protected characteristics such as their race, gender, disability, pregnancy, maternity, and religion. Employers are also forbidden by law to retaliate against employees who complain about these issues. That doesn’t mean employee don’t still sometimes faces retaliatory behavior from employers when they take issue with instances of discrimination in the workplace.

These are complex legal matters to navigate on your own. It can sometimes be difficult to know for certain if the actions or words of an employer qualify as discrimination. Even if you know for certain that you have been the victim of discrimination in the workplace, you might nevertheless struggle to prove it if you decide to take legal action on your own.

That does not mean you should overlook the situation when you or a coworker have been discriminated against by an employer. Instead, it means you should enlist the help of an expert who specializes in handling these cases to optimize your odds of securing an ideal outcome. A qualified lawyer can review the details of your case, determine if you have grounds to take legal action against your employer and provide you with the aggressive representation you need to ensure your rights are being protected.

Westlake Village discrimination attorney Matthew A. Kaufman has extensive experience serving communities in Westlake Village and nearby cities. His legal services encompass a variety of employment issues people tend to face at work. Through dedicated representation, our team is committed to eliminating these problems one claim at a time. We believe no individual or group should be denied opportunities for improvement in the workplace or mistreated because of their background or race. It’s our desire to preserve the employee’s dignity and protect his or her legal rights.

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The Kaufman Law Firm has handled countless discrimination claims in southern California and we are ready to help you with your case. Whether you have been the victim of workplace discrimination or wish to report a discriminatory environment and retaliation, we will assist you with every aspect of your claim. Some of the most common claims we have handled are related to:


It is sometimes quite obvious that discrimination in the workplace is occurring. However, that is not always the case. There are instances when someone might be discriminated against without knowing the behavior is illegal and that they should consult with a Westlake Village discrimination accordingly.

The potential signs of discrimination in the workplace are numeruous and varied. The following are just a few noteworthy examples to be on the lookout for. They are included here because they sometimes go overlooked when victims of discrimination are not fully informed of their rights.

Again, these are merely a few examples. If you’re not sure whether you’ve been the victim of discrimination in the workplace, but you believe you might have been, discuss your concerns with a Westlake Village workplace discrimination attorney who can help you decide if it is worth your time to file a claim or sue your employer. Remember, taking legal action when doing so is warranted can benefit both yourself and your coworkers.

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At The Kaufman Law Firm, we have successfully represented clients from across Westlake Village. If you believe that you or a coworker has become the victim of workplace discrimination, Westlake Village discrimination attorney Matthew A. Kaufman may be able to negotiate with your employer. Although California is an “at-will” state, employers can’t fire you for unlawful reasons, including discrimination. However, if the employer is not willing to negotiate, we will file a lawsuit on your behalf and obtain fair compensation. Contact us today and schedule your case evaluation.

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Your job is more than just a source of income. It is a major part of your lifestyle. If you have been the victim of wrongful termination, wrongful demotion or any kind of discriminatory business practices, it is time to take action and contact a Ventura employment law attorney that can help. Attorney Matthew A. Kaufman and the team at The Kaufman Law Firm bring experience and a vast arsenal of legal resources to help clients recover the money they deserve.

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