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Most workers take pride in performing the best they can at their jobs. Unfortunately, far too many employees throughout Ventura County are unable to reach their potential and are forced to suffer in silence due to sexual harassment from their employers. Their work suffers and it can make life unbearable. Many never report sexual harassment because they are afraid of losing their jobs. It does not just happen to women. Many men are also victims. It can make the workplace a living nightmare. My name is Matthew A. Kaufman and I am a Westlake Village sexual harassment attorney. For more than two decades, I have successfully represented many women and men who have been forced to endure untold amounts of sexual harassment from their employers.

Important Facts About Sexual Harassment

Victims of sexual harassment often live in fear in the workplace. Not only does it affect an employee’s production, but it also makes the work environment extremely uncomfortable for everyone. Sexual harassment can mean many different things. Whether it is inappropriate touching or suggestive verbal advances, California employees have the right to work in a non-threatening environment. Here are some facts about what constitutes sexual harassment in Westlake Village.

Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Effective communication plays a major role in ridding sexual harassment from the workplace. Unfortunately, far too many employees are afraid to speak up. It allows the vicious cycle to continue. Whistleblowers play an important role. By reporting sexual harassment, appropriate action can begin to take place. The first important step is to seek representation from an experienced and knowledgeable Westlake Village sexual harassment attorney with an extensive track record of protecting the rights of each client and looking after their best interests. Here is how an attorney can help:

Sexual Harassment Of Elders In Nursing Homes

While most people think of sexual harassment occurring only in the workplace, the reality is that it can happen anywhere – even in nursing homes. Nursing home sexual harassment is even more insidious because it occurs in vulnerable nursing home residents. Nursing homes are places where an elderly person should be cared for. They should feel safe. Unfortunately, the same types of sexual harassment that occur in the workplace can happen to an elderly person in a long-term care facility.

In general, there are two main perpetrators of sexual harassment in a nursing home:

Both of these issues are concerning, and they must be dealt with. Nursing home residents have the right to be free from any kind of unwanted sexual harassment, no matter how “innocent” the perpetrator thinks it is. They should not have to experience unwanted sexual comments or gestures, and they absolutely should not have to experience any physical sexual harassment.

Unfortunately, sexual harassment in nursing homes can quickly escalate to sexual abuse. This can include:

If a family member suspects that their loved one has been the victim of sexual harassment or abuse in a nursing home, they need to notify appropriate authorities immediately in order to stop the abuse. Then they need to contact an attorney at The Kaufman Law Firm. Our sexual harassment attorneys will work to ensure your loved one is cared for. We have extensive experience handling these cases, and we will work to secure any compensation you deserve.

What Happens When Nursing Home Staff Members Are Sexually Harassed By Residents?

Unfortunately, there are times when a nursing home staff member may experience sexual harassment by a resident of the facility. In some cases, sexual harassment happens due to a resident that is experiencing dementia or another type of mental issue that affects their impulses. Other times, the resident completely understands what their behavior means.

Nursing home facility supervisors need to take steps to prevent residents from sexually harassing employees. While this is certainly a problematic issue for staff to navigate, no nursing home employee should expect to put up with continual sexual harassment. Under Title VII, nursing home staff members are protected from sexual harassment from both residents and coworkers alike. If you are a nursing home employee and have experienced sexual harassment from a resident, you need to address it with your supervisor. If the harassment is not addressed and ceased, the employer could be held liable. Please seek assistance from a sexual harassment attorney at The Kaufman Law Firm for further guidance.

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There are two types of sexual harassment cases–” quid pro quo” and “hostile work environment”. If you or someone you know has been the victim of unwanted advances by an employer or co-worker, it may be time to consider taking action. The first thing to do is to consult with an experienced legal professional. The Westlake Village sexual harassment attorneys at The Kaufman Law Firm understand the extremely uncomfortable situation facing many of our clients. We utilize an aggressive and comprehensive approach to ensure each client is placed in the best position to succeed. To learn more about how we can help, contact The Kaufman Law Firm today and schedule a consultation.

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Your job is more than just a source of income. It is a major part of your lifestyle. If you have been the victim of wrongful termination, wrongful demotion or any kind of discriminatory business practices, it is time to take action and contact a Ventura employment law attorney that can help. Attorney Matthew A. Kaufman and the team at The Kaufman Law Firm bring experience and a vast arsenal of legal resources to help clients recover the money they deserve.

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