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No employee in or around the Westlake Village area should ever have to worry about facing discrimination due to their age when they go to work. Unfortunately, discriminatory behaviors show up in the workplace in a variety of ways against older employees. At The Kaufman Law Firm, we are here to help if you need a Westlake Village age discrimination attorney by your side. Our team will conduct a complete investigation into your case in an effort to determine liability and help secure any compensation you may be entitled to.

What is age discrimination in a Westlake Village workplace?

To find a proper definition of age discrimination, we can turn to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The EEOC says that age discrimination is “treating an applicant or employee less favorably because of his or her age.”

While this definition may seem straightforward, it is very rare for an employer or supervisor to perpetuate this type of discrimination in a way that makes it obvious that is what they are doing. Age discrimination can show up in various ways in the workplace, including actions an employer could take during the hiring process as well as actions they take after a person is employed. Sometimes, even longtime employees begin to experience age discrimination, even if their career has been stellar.

Some of the ways that a person could face age discrimination in Westlake Village include the following:

Is age discrimination illegal in Westlake Village?

Yes, age discrimination is illegal. Both California State law and federal laws prohibit age discrimination in the workplace. We will find that California provides protection for older workers through the Fair Housing and Employment Act (FEHA). At the federal level, we can see that age discrimination is prohibited under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA).

While many people understand that age discrimination should never occur, this type of discrimination is not always easily detectable in the workplace. Due to the fact that age discrimination is illegal, we will generally not find that business owners, supervisors, or managers readily admit to treating employees differently because of their age. Often, there will be some other excuse that they give for treating a worker differently. Sometimes, this means disparaging the work ethic of good employees simply because they are older.

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