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Unpaid wages for Walgreen pharmacists in San Mateo, CA


Overtime pay for Kragen Auto Parts employees in a San Diego, CA, case


Overtime pay class action brought by a San Fernando Valley U-Haul employee in Los Angeles, CA Superior Court


Unpaid wages for Panda Express managers brought by a Burbank, CA employee


Overtime pay class action for bank real estate appraisers in San Francisco, CA Superior Court


Unpaid wages for Red Lobster managers brought by a Sacramento, CA employee


Overtime pay class action for Gymboree store managers in Riverside, CA Superior Court


Unpaid commission for a San Diego, CA employee. Demand when the case began: $739,000


2018 Disability Discrimination


Tip pool class-action for card dealers at the Golden West Casino in Bakersfield, CA


2019 Dog Bite Los Angeles


Unpaid commissions case in Santa Monica, CA. Demand when the case began: $350,000


2019 ERISA Proceeds "change in control plan"


Equal pay act case for West Los Angeles, CA employee


2019 Nursing Home Abuse Simi Valley


2019 Nursing Home Abuse West Covina


2018 Commissions (Wage & Hour)


2018 Age Discrimination Kern County


2019 Dog Bite Los Angeles


Disability discrimination for Riverside, CA employee


2018 Disability Discrimination


Retaliation for reporting sexual harassment in San Fernando Valley

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