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Denis ZilberbergMarch 9, 2019Wrongful Termination

California is an At-Will employment state. This means that your employer can ask you to sign a document that states that you can be let go for whatever reason at any time. Doesn’t that make you feel secure in your job? Typically companies do not exercise these kinds of removals unless there is a real reason. For example, if the company needs to downsize then they will let you go. However, companies are expected to maintain documents like yearly evaluations or any documentation for poor behavior ranging anywhere from poor performance to arriving late to warnings that were given about other kinds of behavior.

Getting fired from your job always feels like the absolute worst day of your life. You start to panic because you don’t have another job lined up. You put a halt on your spending and you start to consider options like selling your organs on the black market—okay maybe that is a bit hyperbolic. Getting let go from a job that you love is even more heartbreaking. Sometimes you get let go of for reasons that you understand. Sometimes we just kind of know when we are doing bad and we know that consequences will eventually come, but there are times when it is so out of the blue that we know there has gone terribly wrong.

What To Look For

If you or someone you love has been let go from their job and they suspect it is not for a legitimate reason then you need to reach out to our Wrongful Termination Attorney The Kaufman Law Firm in Los Angeles. The common reason for wrongful termination is retaliation for whistleblowing or being the person who stands for others or due to discrimination. Unfortunately, not all jobs want you to do the right thing. Many times, jobs just want you to do your job without rocking the boat. However, sometimes the boat has to be rocked because there are illegal or dangerous activities happening within the workplace.

If you see someone getting harassed and you start to insert yourself in the situation then you shouldn’t get fired for being protective. This happens all too often and our wrongful termination attorneys at The Kaufman Law Firm are here to serve you and protect you from this error. A wrongful termination suit can clear your name from a bad reputation as well as showcase that your job performance was not of issue. Instead, it was the company that was in the wrong. Wrongful termination suit can challenge a companies practices and ensure that future employees do not have to deal with the same circumstances that you have had to deal with.

What To Do

Fighting for your job is both stressful and gratifying. Our legal team at The Kaufman Law Firm has worked with clients from all backgrounds. We know that you are fighting with good reason and we want to support your choices with a team that is willing to work tirelessly for you. Call 310-981-3404 or click here to start a conversation with our team today.



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