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Denis ZilberbergMarch 2, 2019Discrimination

Social situations are hard to navigate sometimes. You enter a bar or nightclub and there are so many people it is hard to strike up a conversation. Now that the #Metoo and #Timesup movements are well established, some men are finding it hard to talk to a woman out of fear that they may offend a woman. The age-old battle of the sexes is still alive and well. Women and men are just humans, but the way society suggests women and men should be causes some confusion. Are women supposed to be only for men? Are men supposed to be the ones that pursue women? Are men supposed to pursue multiple women and are women only allowed to pursue one man at a time? Of course, this relates only to heterosexual or bisexual couples, but the question of gender equality was very present when a man went to create a class-action lawsuit against a night club for marketing free drinks for Ladies’ night.

The California man suing a hotel in West Lake Village is alleging that having a “Girls’ Night Out” is discriminatory against men. The night promises free drinks and appetizers to women and men would have to pay. The thought concept behind this is that when you have a lot of women frequenting a bar, men will want to go there to chase the women. The courts in California have already decided that you cannot have a gender-specific night. Maybe the hotel didn’t know that, but either way this discriminatory suit does have merit even though the basis for the girls’ night is really to encourage more men; as the original writer of the article suggests, the night is more predatory for women then discriminatory for men.

Regardless of what others may think about this battle for the sexes, the truth behind discrimination is that it really affects people in the workplace. People who work in environments where they experience a lot of discrimination typically do not stick around nor do they experience the recognition or opportunities for growth they deserve. Discrimination isn’t just about gender either. Discrimination is also about sexuality, age, pregnancy, ethnicity, mental disability, and physical disability. Discrimination can be as subtle as being overlooked project after project or as loud as an email being sent out suggesting that everyone only speak English. Whatever your discrimination looks like in the workplace, know that you are not alone.

What To Do

If you or someone you know is experiencing discrimination in the workplace then they need to reach out to our Discrimination Attorney at the Kaufman Law Firm in Westlake Village. Our legal staff has worked with countless clients who have experienced a range of discrimination. Even though we are well into the 2000s and discrimination is still alive and prevalent. If you feel as if something is wrong then you are probably right. The first step is to talk to HR and the second step is to call 818-990-1999 or click here to speak with our Discrimination Attorney today.



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