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Private or governmental corporations and small businesses that engage in illegal activities put their employees in danger. These unethical activities should be reported to local authorities or government officials. Additionally, whistleblowers should be rewarded for their courage.

Los Angeles retaliation attorney Matthew A. Kaufman has represented workers throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding regions in a variety of workplace retaliation cases. If you have been terminated or retaliated against after reporting illegal practices, reach out to The Kaufman Law Firm and allow us to protect your rights. We understand retaliation in the workplace can be a stressful situation that can affect your personal life and finances. Don’t allow your employer to get away with such conduct and seek the justice you deserve.

Common workplace retaliation scenarios

Workplace retaliation occurs when an employer disciplines a worker because he or she complained or reported any illegal activities. Some of the most common scenarios include:

It’s illegal to retaliate against employees for speaking up, even when the complaint is not true. Whether the complaint was brought to a larger organization or to HR, employees are protected under various laws.

Proving workplace retaliation

In order to prove workplace retaliation in California, you will have to first find a link between the complaint and the illegal incident. Keeping records of all events is often the most effective way to prove these two are correlated. California laws also take into account how severe the consequences of the retaliation are. For instance, when an employee in Los Angeles is fired because he or she reported incidents of discrimination in the workplace, chances are this employee would not have filed the complaint if he or she knew about the consequences. It’s difficult to prove retaliation in the workplace but possible with the help of a Los Angeles retaliation attorney.

Your rights

The California Whistleblower Act together with other federal laws protect employees when accusing employers of being involved in illegal activities. Whether the employer suspects or knows the employee is reporting the illegal behavior, it’s unlawful to retaliate against a worker in such scenarios. Some laws that protect employees in California include:

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If you suspect your employer is involved in illegal activities, contact a Los Angeles retaliation attorney before taking any steps. Asking for legal advice in advance can help you avoid any unnecessary legal battles. Call us today and schedule your initial case evaluation. During your initial consultation, we will assess your situation and determine the best course of action.

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