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California Passes Bill To Raise Minimum Hourly Wage To $15

Denis ZilberbergAugust 15, 2017

Governor Jerry Brown received a brokered bill to raise the minimum hourly wage in California to $15 by 2022. This bill was the result of weeks of negotiations between lawmakers and labor representatives. The bill was on an expedited voting schedule and was approved earlier last week. The first raise will be $10.50 on January […]

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Do Nursing Mothers Get Mandatory Breaks?

Denis ZilberbergJune 22, 2017

Wage & hour laws in California relate to a number of different topics, from overtime pay to how many hours can be worked in a given pay period. Wage & hour laws also include language regarding mandatory breaks for nursing mothers, which must be afforded by employers to ensure they remain compliant with the law. […]

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Workplace Breaks Explained

Denis ZilberbergMay 4, 2017

If you are an employee in California, it can be difficult to know what the law says about when and how often you can take breaks from work. Some employers may give you exact guidelines, but others may not. No matter how much information you are given from your boss, it can be a good […]

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What Are The Child Labor Laws For The Entertainment Industry?

Denis ZilberbergMarch 29, 2017

California is known for being the film capital of the United States. As such, there is a special need for laws and regulations for the entertainment industry, specifically those pertaining to child labor. It is up to the state to create laws that will ensure the safety and well-being of children who are working in […]

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What Are California’s Child Labor Laws?

Denis ZilberbergMarch 9, 2017

When it comes to child labor laws, one of the most difficult parts can be understanding what is required in your state. The California Department of Industrial Relations states that children under the age of 16 are required to attend school unless they have already completed high school. Even after high school is completed, your […]

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An Overview Of Meal Violation Claims

Denis ZilberbergAugust 18, 2016

Many workers do not realize that their mealtimes are mandated and protected by law. If an employer violates your right to a break, then you might have an actionable wage and hours claim. In California, employers that violate these rights are subject to investigations by the Department of Industrial Relations. This post will review the […]

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Are You Entitled To A Regular Paycheck?

Denis ZilberbergJune 27, 2016

Most people assume that if they work, they get paid but how often? Are you entitled to a paycheck that comes during a regular pay period? In short, it depends on your state’s particular law. For instance, it could be dependent upon your job, contract, and state of residence. For example, in California, farm laborers […]

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New Rule Extends Overtime To 4.2 Million Workers

Denis ZilberbergMay 27, 2016

Overtime is a type of pay that you are entitled to when you work more than full time. There are many rules, but, in general, you are entitled to them when you work more than 40 hours a week. If you work more than these hours, then you are entitled to “time and a half” […]

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Uber Lawsuit Settles

Denis ZilberbergMay 6, 2016

The “gig” economy is continually evolving. Government regulators, industry insiders, and workers do not know what, if any, protections extend to “gig” workers. Are they entitled to a minimum wage? Are they employees or independent contractors? How do they fit into the tax system? Should a new classification of workers be invented that blends employee […]

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Are You A Part-Time Or Seasonal Worker, Or Both?

Denis ZilberbergJanuary 28, 2016

Recruiters and supervisors often use the term “seasonal” and “part-time” interchangeably. Generally, this is no more than a casual slip of the tongue. However, if you are confused, then it leaves your rights vulnerable. Whether your supervisor is conflating the terms or actually trying to infringe on your rights, it does not matter. This post […]

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