#Coronavirus & #Covid19: Unemployed In The Time Of Plague — How To Cope

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Denis ZilberbergMarch 20, 2020Employment Law


The subject today is how to #cope with the pandemic.  Things look bad right now in many ways.  People are being laid off and others getting sick.  Most of us are freaked out by the uncertainty of the future.  Here are some tips I use to cope with dread.

  1. Stop Following the Coronavirus News. 

    This is the most important thing.  You must stop bombarding yourself with bad news.  The news puts you in the wrong mindset and makes you worry needlessly.  After this all over, no one will say they made good use of their time being anxious or worried.  All the hoarding exemplifies what too much bad news will do.  No one needs to hoard – there is no shortage of food or toilet paper.  Society survived the black plague.  We will survive this.  So, you must stop looking at your phone and other media.  Turn off all notifications.  If really important news happens, you’ll hear about it anyway.

  1. Embrace the Uncertainty of Tomorrow. 

    The future is uncertain.  Once you stop bombarding yourself with bad news, you can properly handle the natural worries that arise.  For example, you might not have the money to make ends meet next month. You might get sick.  People you love might die of Covid19.  These are natural worries.  This is different than needless worrying.  Don’t resist them.  Don’t beat yourself up because you have them.  Let them flow in, and you’ll find that they flow out pretty fast.  You can’t control these problems, but you can identify them mentally, and once you do, you can have a natural response.

  1. Be Constructive with Your Time. 

    You know what I mean.  Exercising.    Creating.  Learning.  Stimulating your mind, body and spirit.  With me, that means no screens.  It probably does for you too.

  1. Start Making a Plan.

    There are ways of getting by.  Cutting back on spending, doing little jobs to make money, Ebay, etc.  Your plan obviously depends on your situation. Your plan might be to get a plan.  That is ok.  But if you think there is no way of getting by, you are screwed.  You will not cope with that state of mind.   Start making a plan.  If nothing comes to mind now, it will when the right circumstances arise.  You must have a positive mind and worldview.  You cannot let that go.

  1. Moderate Alcohol and Drugs. 

    I like Irish Whiskey more than anyone, even the Irish.  But you can’t let that get out of hand. You want to know what’s worse than an uncertain future?  It’s an uncertain future with a bad hangover.  Also, when you sober up, you’ll be more depressed.    It’s #science.

That’s it for today.  I hope everyone stays in good health.  Matt


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