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You Have Rights As A Worker. I Will Help Protect Them.

#Coronavirus & #Covid19: Unemployed In The Time Of Plague — How To Cope

Denis ZilberbergMarch 20, 2020

#Copingwithunemployment. The subject today is how to #cope with the pandemic.  Things look bad right now in many ways.  People are being laid off and others getting sick.  Most of us are freaked out by the uncertainty of the future.  Here are some tips I use to cope with dread. Stop Following the Coronavirus News.  […]

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Four Things To Keep In Mind Regarding Maternity Leave

Denis ZilberbergJanuary 27, 2017

A big fear of expecting mothers who are working full-time is what is going to happen when they have to leave work to give birth or take care of their child. And while you would assume that a new mother is automatically given “maternity leave,” that is not always the case. Here are some things […]

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Arbitration, Do You “Like” It

Denis ZilberbergApril 17, 2014

Can you lose your right to a jury trial by eating food? General Mills, one of the world’s largest food companies, thinks so. It adopted policies that customers who buy its products, join its online communities like Facebook, or download coupons give up their constitutional rights to a jury trial. Instead, its policy requires arbitration […]

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Have You Been Wrongfully

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Your job is more than just a source of income. It is a major part of your lifestyle. If you have been the victim of wrongful termination, wrongful demotion or any kind of discriminatory business practices, it is time to take action and contact a Ventura employment law attorney that can help. Attorney Matthew A. Kaufman and the team at The Kaufman Law Firm bring experience and a vast arsenal of legal resources to help clients recover the money they deserve.

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