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Denis ZilberbergApril 15, 2020Unpaid Overtime

As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps across the United States, many people have lost their jobs. Our economy has come to a standstill in many places. However, many workers have seen an increase in their hours. From Amazon distribution centers to grocery stores, workers are struggling to keep up. At The Kaufman Law Firm, we want to remind workers and employers that overtime pay is still required when workers put in a certain number of hours. Here, our Los Angeles unpaid overtime attorneys want to discuss this issue in light of COVID-19. 

Overtime Pay Is Mandatory

To be certain, the economic devastation to this country due to COVID-19 is of a magnitude never seen before. Millions upon millions of people have lost their jobs. However, some industries are thriving. This includes online retail as well as grocery stores. 

Workers in high-demand industries right now are facing expanded work hours. These industries also risk facing a shortage of workers due to increased demand and worker-call-outs for those who are sick or who are self-quarantining. 

However, just because the country is under a state of emergency does not mean that employees should not be fairly paid for every hour they work. Under California law, overtime pay is required for those who work more than eight hours in a single day or work more than 40 hours in a workweek. For overtime pay, workers are able to earn 1.5 times their regular hourly rate. For those who work more than 12 hours in a single day at the same job, they should be paid double their hourly rate. 

This can become a bit harder to calculate for those who are on salary as opposed to hourly pay. However, even salaried employees are entitled to receive overtime pay under California law. Salaried employee pay is calculated by determining what would typically be their regular hourly rate and multiplying it by 1.5 to come up with the overtime rate.

As many workers are being asked to put in extra time, it is vital that employers understand they are still responsible for paying overtime. 

Unfortunately, employers are generally exempt from paying overtime to certain professional workers who earn more than twice the minimum wage. This includes doctors, a group of people who are currently on the frontlines of combatting COVID-19. 

Let Us Help You With Your Case

If you or somebody you love has not received proper overtime pay from an employer, seek legal assistance immediately. At The Kaufman Law Firm, we realize that the work landscape is changing due to COVID-19, but that does not mean employers can ignore wage laws set in place by the state of California. We will work to investigate your case in order to secure any compensation you may be entitled to, which can include unpaid wages, interest on any unpaid wages, and more. When you need a Los Angeles unpaid overtime attorney, you can contact us for a consultation by clicking here or calling us at 310-981-3404.


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