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Denis ZilberbergNovember 2, 2018Unpaid Overtime

We all know how it feels to find a job we love and give it our all. Do you recall a time that you spent so many hours on a project because you believed in it and wanted it to be the best representation of you? Most would think of school projects or professional projects. You may think of presentations that you made in order to get that promotion. No one asked you to stay late but you wanted to because you knew your hard work would pay off in the end. But what if your job was expecting you to put in the hours but without the pay? What if you were working extra hours and you are at the peak of your position? When you work for an employer there is an expectation: I work and you pay. If the job requires extra hours then those hours should be compensated accordingly. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and if you aren’t watching your paycheck carefully then you may not notice the missing wages.

Recently an employer, Anuj Kapoor who worked for Infosys filed a suit against the company for not paying him for around 1,000 hours in overtime. The company is denying the allegations. The company said Kapoor was an “hourly” worker even though they had him in the books for salary work. Several years ago the same company had to pay $26 million to the California Division of Labor Standards Employment due to this same unpaid overtime issue. The company says that the two are not related, but if it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck then it probably is a duck.

Donald Trump’s personal driver of 25 years is suing him for unpaid overtime. He stated that Trump only raised his salary twice in 15 years and upon the second increase he took away his health insurance. Despite working 55+ hours a week the driver is claiming over 3,000 hours in overtime.

In both of these situations, you have issues with misclassifying workers, failure to account for hours worked, and unpaid overtime. Our Unpaid Overtime Attorneys at The Kaufman Law Firm are here to help you.

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Our unpaid overtime attorneys at The Kaufman Law Firm in Los Angeles understand that you need to earn money in order to spend money on things that matter like family and rent. Even though we all love to believe that our employers are looking out for our behalf, or more realistic side understands that it is just not true. Companies and people will cut corners wherever they need to in order to meet their bottom line. If you are dealing with a situation at work where you are putting in the hour but your paycheck isn’t adding up let us help you get the resolution you need.

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