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Denis ZilberbergMarch 15, 2018Wrongful Termination

It’s not uncommon for Californians to lose their job, although not always through their own guilt. Being a no-fault state empowers businesses around the Golden State to willfully terminate someone’s employment ‘just because’. However, as your wrongful termination attorney may tell you, whistleblowing, even uncovering hazardous workplace conditions, can lead to your untimely firing.

Before smashing out windows or making unwarranted threats when you’ve been terminated, there’s some basic information you should bear in mind regarding wrongful termination in California.

You shouldn’t fear reporting wrongdoings

One of the greatest nightmares of any country’s government is fraud. This is especially true where the country is the victim of fraud either by its citizens or corporate entities. More so as defrauding the country affects its economic and financial state. No matter how sensitive a country might be, it can still, one way or the other, be defrauded – especially by the very businesses paying taxes to them.

The number of employers that commit duplicitous acts seems to grow frequently. Not that everyone notices their fraudulence, but it’s still there. What’s appalling is when executives catch wind that their staff knows about their duplicity, and begin terminating them for reasons they claim are ‘performance based’. This is laughable, at best.

Don’t fear doing what’s right when you uncover wrongdoing, regardless if you’re a civilian or government employee. Report your issues to the HR department, a trusted supervisor, the EEOC. From there, you’ll be protected from retaliatory firing while your claim is investigated.

Your job could be restored

Should your firing force your case be undertaken by an experienced Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney, and you’re awarded monetary damages, job restoration isn’t out of the question.

Should you win your employment back, bear in mind you could even receive an increase in pay or prestige, maybe get put into a much better department, and have zero worries about whether someone is plotting against you. Retaliating against an employee twice wouldn’t fare well, and employers know this.

Discuss your job with an attorney that can negotiate your return with your company’s counsel.

Remember, you have rights!

Being fired for legitimate reasons that are verifiable (attendance, performance) has little recourse but filing for unemployment benefits. However, blowing the whistle on your company’s dastardly deeds yet being fired for doing so isn’t legal.

The same goes when applying for work; you cannot be discriminated against for any reason, nor can your interviewer make sexual innuendos. These are extremely serious violations that have cost companies millions in class action suits. Don’t fear documenting the event, even if only on paper.

While you should always have your Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney look over case facts without cost or obligation, bear in mind that strong evidence builds strong cases in employment law. That’s pretty standard operating procedure across the legal realm.

Never should anyone lose their jobs without good reason. Just know that should you lose your employment because of your employer’s failure to maintain an ethical workplace, you’ll have substantial grounds for litigation.



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