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Tax fraud. Intentional Medicare billing inflation. Bribery. These and many other corporate schemes happen far more frequently than employees realize. Cheating the system, along with any employee who stands before them, has been the corporate mantra for years. Most major companies play by state and federal rules, while others find laws are meant to be broken. That’s where whistleblowers come in.

Protected by several federal laws, whistleblowers are the voice of employees. They speak up when injustices are obvious or are about to cause destruction within the workplace. There are many choices of counsel these brave souls may come across, but the one whistleblower attorney Thousand Oaks employees will recommend is The Kaufman Law Firm. Dedicated to the preservation of whistleblower rights, we fight those unjustly treated or terminated due to their honest report of corporate wrongdoing.

What It Means To Be A Whistleblower In Thousand Oaks

There are some people in society that look down on whistleblowers. However, whistleblowers are heroes. These individuals are incredibly important to our society because they shed light on illegal or fraudulent activities perpetrated by employers that the public would not otherwise know about. Often, whistleblowers let regulators and the public know about grave injustices that have occurred or are continuing to occur.

Unfortunately, coming forward can be incredibly hard on an employee. This is especially true if the employee has participated in or been asked to participate in fraudulent or illegal activity on behalf of the employer. That is why whistleblower protections extend to:

At The Kaufman Law Firm, we understand that whistleblowers may need to come forward for a wide variety of reasons. This can include, but is not limited to, the following:

How Do Qui Tam Claims Differ?

Qui tam claims are also considered whistleblower actions, but these focus on fraud perpetrated by an employer or individuals within an organization. Often, qui tam claims are considered “white collar” criminal offenses committed by an employer or employee related to:

What really makes qui tam claims different than whistleblower claims is that the person bringing these issues to light could be eligible to receive up to 30% of any money recovered as a result of the claim being made. This can result in significant settlements for whistleblowers.

Regardless of whether or not you feel that you have to make a whistleblower or qui tam claim, you need to have a skilled attorney by your side who has vast experience handling these issues. The reality is that whistleblowers could be placing themselves and their families in significant financial jeopardy. We want you to know that whistleblower protections are extensive. We understand state and federal laws surrounding these issues, and we will help make sure that you are properly cared for.

Government Protects. We Recover Damages.

The Dodd-Frank Act, False Claims Acts, Securities Exchange Commission and CFTC protects all employees’ whistleblowing activities. Whether executives are purposely botching reports to inflate share value, committing tax fraud, bribe others to ‘keep quiet’ or unnecessarily bill Medicare for services never rendered, whistleblowers, are empowered to report whatever may disrupt other employees, and communities, to watchdog firms listed above, along with local law enforcement.

Unsurpassed quality representation offered by The Kaufman Law Firm gives whistleblowers another shield of protection from companies who retaliated, harassed, or forced employees out of their jobs for reporting serious corporate wrongdoing. The whistleblower attorney Thousand Oaks corporations fear in court comes from our firm, oftentimes getting respectable settlements before trial commences. We’re adamant about protecting the greater good, and whistleblowers represent the level of outstanding citizenship other employees appreciate.

Injuries sustained by whistleblowers, which may include financial damages or pain and suffering, are usually payable as a percentage of what gets recovered by the government. Qu tam cases, which involve fraud in government-based contracts or workplaces, are treated similarly. Different cases have different compensation possibilities which The Kaufman Law Firm can convey to potential clients.

Not only does our work help battle injustices, it potentially saves lives from financial ruin.

Let’s Protect Whistleblowing Together

You’ve done what’s right in reporting major corporate wrongdoing to proper authorities. Nobody will take away the number of bravery whistleblowers like you mustered up in conveying these injustices. But now you’re unemployed out of retaliation and need to hold the company further accountable for your lack of financial support.

Hire the whistleblower attorney Thousand Oaks whistleblowers you have trusted for years, and we’ll begin working your case immediately. Nothing means more to our firm than making clients whole again, which often involves restoring financial peace of mind. The Kaufman Law Firm is committed to the unwavering support of whistleblowing and dedicates time and resources to defend claims of unjust retaliation resulting from such acts of goodwill.

Consultations with our firm cost nothing. Bring your whistleblower claim to professionals with courtroom experience and knowledge of employment law today, and see the difference skilled representation makes when litigating whistleblower cases like yours.

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