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Workplace wrongdoing, whether it’s sexual harassment, pay disparity or religious bigotry doesn’t always affect just one person. When groups of people consistently get harassed by their employer or other employees, and nothing is done to remedy the problem, something must be done to protect the workers affected now, and those workers entering the job market in the future.

The Kaufman Law Firm not only holds employers accountable for individual claimants but can certify groups of wrongfully treated or terminated employees for class action litigation. Companies have come to respect the employment class action attorney Thousand Oaks employees have used for many years comes from our office. Our approach to group litigation exudes the same excellence we put into individual actions.

Do Class Actions Work?

Retaliations, discriminations and public policy violations are against California and federal law. They’re normally isolated cases affecting one or two employees, which these cases are normally settled before being filed. However, groups of people experiencing the same harassment or hatred from their employer signal something’s not right with the company and its constituents. Cases like this are more effective in court because judges can impose more severe punitive damages which coincide with any financial reprieve being sought by plaintiffs.

When The Kaufman Law Firm seeks class action certification, all bets are off. Numerous employees are being affected by something dark and sinister within a negligent company, and they must pay. Not just financially, but a complete rewrite of their employee policy and affirmative action strategy is mandatory. The employment class action attorney Thousand Oaks workers retain when punishment beyond money is being sought comes from The Kaufman Law Firm.

Our reputation for excellence in helping sizable groups of local employees seek justice for themselves and others is a major component of why our office handles so many cases. Class actions may take slightly longer than individual suits, however, the benefits employees receive far exceed even their own expectations. Group litigation works, and our firm is a prime example of how class action suits are done properly.

Groups Call Us to Litigate Employer Wrongdoing

Every group has a representative, normally an individual who received much harsher treatment than others. This class “head” is often responsible for organizing the rest of the group, and may be the sole employee representative necessary to attend court, although all affected parties are welcome. In fact, defense attorneys see multiple people fighting for the same cause, they’re often more open to negotiating settlements. Numerous plaintiffs with identical stories tend to sway juries.

As an employment class action attorney Thousand Oaks workers have trusted for many years, The Kaufman Law Firm wants to hear from you, and your group, when an employer has unjustly acted. Lean on the expertise of aggressive attorneys with thousands of hours of courtroom experience when you need vindication for yourself and your group.

With strong class action claims our team agrees to take cost nothing until the claim settles. End employer wrongdoing today – call, visit or email our firm to get started.

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