28,528 racial discrimination claims. 8,299 national origin cases. 26,838 disability-based discriminations. 2017 was yet another unacceptable year for EEOC, with many claims filed with the Civil Rights Act-created organization leading to successful settlements nationwide. A newer form of discrimination, genetical, saw an alarming 206 complaints logged during the same year.

The Kaufman Law Firm, a premier discrimination attorney Thousand Oaks employees have been entrusting their darkest discrimination claims with for years, offers numerous options for workers who’ve been terminated, retaliated against, or not hired based on protected classes. Individuals, although results aren’t promised nor implied, are often granted compensation for their strife. We work diligently through each claim to assure any benefits possible are negotiated for and secured.


Discriminatory acts have many dark forms. From color to sex, gender to religion, employers frequently act without compunction in terminating employees that don’t fit certain profiles. Those persons younger, or older, attempting to work aren’t treated well, either, with 18,376 EEOC complaints filed during 2017. There’s little reasoning behind an employer’s actions, although many speculate intelligent men and women of various walks with different lineages could simply be smarter than your average bear.

Cases like this take proper protocol. Reporting incidents with immediate supervisor, then with proper outside authorities like FEHA or EEOC. After everything gets filed, employers may respond with their rebuttal, often some irrelevant spiel pushing blame back onto clients. But you hired the discrimination attorney Thousand Oaks workers to know gets results, so whatever rebuttal filed will be met with facts of our own. Once EEOC has made its determination, we’ll take action immediately to either negotiate with company legal counsel or file our complaint in court.

If you’ve lost your job due to discriminatory termination, it’s vital you seek representation quickly as claims are time-sensitive. Besides, you’re losing the income your family rightfully deserves because of another’s negligence; no need to parlay too long in holding the employer accountable.


Aside from wrongful termination, there are several other forms of illegal workplace discrimination in California. Some of these include:


In California, employers are prohibited from discriminating against employees or job applicants on the basis of certain protected classes or characteristics. These include:

This list is not exhaustive, and the California state laws and regulations may change. If you suspect you may have been the victim of illegal workplace discrimination in California, review your case with a Thousand Oaks discrimination attorney for more information about your options.


When an employee files a workplace discrimination claim or lawsuit in California, they may seek various types of potential outcomes, such as:

A Thousand Oaks discrimination lawyer can help an employee with a workplace discrimination case by providing legal representation and guidance throughout the process. The lawyer can assist the employee in:


Our vast courtroom experience affords us the opportunity to defend claims some may never touch. Many companies do prefer negotiating discrimination claims outside court because the negative press could decimate their brand. During discussions, we’ll all look over your claim and come to an amicable resolution that takes into account financial needs, and whether your job is salvageable.

No two cases are handled similarly, nor will The Kaufman Law Firm treat your claim unfavorably. Every client is treated like our own families, affording everyone the opportunity to speak and bring claims they feel are substantial enough to merit immediate action.

Discrimination at work isn’t what many workers sign up for. With such diversity today, people the world over have come to California to enjoy our beaches, workplaces, and each other. There’s absolutely no reason why workers should be mistreated based on religious preference, color, origin, gender, marital status, or any other protected class.

Contact the discrimination attorney Thousand Oaks employees have counted on for years to have your discriminatory claims reviewed by an understanding, knowledgeable and friendly lawyer.

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