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In the fiscal year 2017, the EEOC reported 41,097 retaliation charges across America of which 32,023 were Title VII related. Although supplied data doesn’t break down retaliation reasoning, it’s enough to know that over 41,000 people either reported wrongdoing and were mistreated, or were otherwise mistreated at work by employers they trusted. A good number of cases were logged in California.

Employees experiencing retaliatory-type abuse trust The Kaufman Law Firm because the retaliation attorney Thousand Oaks workers call upon must know all facets of employment law. We’ve proven time and time again that our uncompromising style of litigation brings employers to justice, sometimes forcing companies to terminate numerous supervisors and employees involved with retaliation.

FEHA and EEOC Protects Employees

Although data doesn’t show how many employees failed to report incidents out of fear of retaliation, we’d guess the figure would be high. That’s because cases we’ve taken clearly show employees who didn’t report fraudulent activity, pay disparity, or other Civil Rights Act violations feared losing jobs and other benefits, so they came to The Kaufman Law Firm first. Whistleblowers who ‘drop the hammer’ by reporting SEC violations, employees who talk with police or FEHA, and those who file EEOC complaints are often retaliated upon more than others.

Common actions were taken by employers when workers report wrongdoing to include demotion or transfer to another facility, cutting hours but adding responsibilities, taking away benefits or performance pay, and termination. These actions all violate EEOC and FEHA bylaws and are subject to still civil penalties apart from compensation direct to employees. Many call The Kaufman Law Firm, featuring a retaliation attorney Thousand Oaks companies fear in court because our representation gets results.

State and Federal laws may protect employees, but some companies find they’re above the law. Tax cheats and other fraudulent activity may not only hurt businesses, but could also force employees out of work should penalties grow larger than available revenues. Therefore, employees that report wrongdoing early on can often save other workers’ jobs and are often heralded upon doing so.

Don’t get bullied for doing what’s right. Call us prior to reporting employer fraud before retaliation occurs if you’re fearful that your job could be jeopardized.

Laws Encourage Employees. So Do We.

Employees have everyday access to companies. Laws count on workers to report illicit activities, whether it’s scams or harassment, pay disparity, or other Civil Rights Act crimes. Brave employees can make workplaces – and laws – much better with their honest reporting; however, so many workers fear losing out by reporting workplace problems that many crimes go unreported until they’ve manifested into something much larger. This doesn’t need to happen.

We’ve stood up for employee rights for many, many years. Our litigation protects employee interests, gets compensation for those wrongly treated, and makes workplaces much better for workers now, and of the future. Our firm can certify large groups for class action, too.

The retaliation attorney Thousand Oaks employees need awaits them at The Kaufman Law Firm. Contact us for an evaluation of your retaliation claim without cost.

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