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Workers relying on commissions earned number thousands around Thousand Oaks, up into the millions in California alone. Sales positions, particularly, work strictly off commission or have salaries with added ‘perks’ like commission. When employers miscalculate, or simply fail to pay these wages, lives are ruined. Mortgages don’t get paid, children go without clothing and basic needs, and families are often sprung into upheaval.

Those who’ve been denied commissions owed can call the unpaid commissions attorney Thousand Oaks employees have trusted for many years, The Kaufman Law Firm. Recovering monies owed, plus additional compensation for losses incurred due to nonpayment, are possible in cases like this. Our firm knows how important commissions are to those who’ve earned them, and work diligently to collect what’s owed.

Fighting For What’s Rightfully Earned

Many commission-based positions will clearly outline what percentage each employee will earn, with additional amounts as milestones are hit. Some contracts outline minimum sales or goals must be met to maintain employment or qualify for bonuses. Contracts can be verbal, or spelled out on paper, but are binding nonetheless; employers who breach their own contract are civilly liable for whatever damages you incurred resulting from their nonpayment.

Underpayment is another issue when employees receive their commission checks. Provided you reported all sales or met requirements to receive extra pay, companies cannot withhold money owed. Again, damages sustained by our clients will be litigated civilly, regardless of what excuse is manufactured by your employer’s HR department. Mistakes do happen; wage fraud, however, isn’t done by mistake. An unpaid commissions attorney Thousand Oaks workers retain must ascertain obvious mistakes from blatant fraud.

Much like other wage cases, the proper protocol must be followed. Your payroll department must be made privy of their mistake and, should they fail to correct commissions owed, can be complained against with FEHA. Once the complaint is logged, The Kaufman Law Firm can handle discussions should workers feel inadequate or fearful of retaliation. We do get cases often where employees were fired for reporting nonpayment of commissions owed, which opens up another potential civil suit.


Recovering what you’re owed when you have not been properly paid for commissions can be a challenging task if you lack the necessary experience. To present a strong case, it’s wise to enlist the help of a legal professional who’s successfully represented clients in your position before. That’s exactly what you’ll find at our Thousand Oaks unpaid commissions law firm. We can improve your chances of winning your case by:

Not being fairly compensated for your work is a very frustrating experience. This is another reason to hire a skilled Thousand Oaks unpaid commissions attorney in these circumstances. Your valid feelings about the issue can result in conflict that may get in the way of your claim’s success if you attempt to remedy this issue on your own.

That doesn’t need to happen. Although we offer aggressive representation to those who’ve been deprived of the commission payments they deserve in the Thousand Oaks area, we’ll approach your case with the calm and analytic attitude it deserves. This is key to making genuine progress.


There are various reasons why some workers are not paid commissions despite earning them. Along with the examples already cited above, other potential reasons you may find yourself in this undesirable position include (but aren’t limited to) the following:

That’s not an exhaustive list. Be aware, some unscrupulous employers will attempt to take advantage of sales personnel by denying them commissions while falsely claiming that their refusal to pay aligns with their official policies.

Don’t assume you’re in the wrong if an employer uses this tactic when you complain you haven’t received a commission payment for a sale. Schedule a consultation at our Thousand Oaks unpaid commissions firm to discuss how you may proceed.

Taking such action doesn’t just benefit you. It also minimizes the chances that your employer will attempt to take advantage of your coworkers and future employees of the company going forward.

We’ll Work Toward Recovering Commissions Owed

Commissions you worked hours to earn are yours. They don’t belong to your employer, your neighbor, some random stranger walking downtown – they’re yours. Once an employer fails to uphold their duty in properly paying their commission-based employee, a civil crime is committed. And our firm wins cases where employers felt obligated to keep earnings for themselves. Period.

Plaintiffs bringing action against employers should bring pay stubs proving commissions were correct one week, but not paid the next. If multiple weeks pass and commissions aren’t properly paid, we’ll recover them – no matter how long it’s transpired. Getting multiple weeks’ worth of commissions paid, along with pain and suffering, isn’t entirely uncommon in cases like this. But you should act quickly.

Our firm specializes in all areas of employment law, including unpaid commissions. Should one or several pay periods pass without proper wages, it’s important to call the unpaid commissions attorney Thousand Oaks employees to know has their back – The Kaufman Law Firm.

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