Pew Research Gauges Americans’ Feelings About #MeToo Five Years Later

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Denis ZilberbergSeptember 14, 2022Sexual Harassment

Workplace sexual harassment is prohibited by both California law and federal law. Unfortunately, the existence of such laws doesn’t always prevent individuals from engaging in harassment in the workplace.

The #MeToo movement that began five years ago shone a light on sexual harassment in Hollywood and other industries. While it certainly didn’t eliminate this problem, it did change its status in the overall public consciousness.

Recent Pew Research polling also indicates that many Americans feel the #MeToo movement has had a positive influence on workplace sexual harassment.

The results of the survey include the following:

  • Approximately half of all Americans who are aware of the #MeToo movement support it
  • About 70% of respondents believe those who commit sexual harassment in the workplace are now more likely to be held responsible than they were in the days before the #MeToo movement
  • About 62% of respondents believe that those who report sexual harassment in the workplace are now more likely to be believed than they were prior to the #MeToo movement
  • Most respondents don’t believe it’s particularly common for employees to report experiencing workplace sexual harassment that did NOT actually occur

This doesn’t mean all the findings of the survey are thoroughly optimistic.

About 46% of respondents did indicate they believe it’s either extremely common or very common for those who’ve been the victims of sexual harassment in the workplace to never speak up about their experiences. Although the #MeToo movement has hopefully made victims feel more comfortable reporting sexual harassment, nearly half of Americans still feel that it’s common for victims to remain silent.

The findings also highlight the different attitudes Americans may have about the #MeToo movement depending on their demographics. For example, female respondents voice more support for the movement than male respondents. Additionally, 64% of respondents between the ages of 18 and 29 indicated support for the movement. On the other hand, 49% of 30- to 49-year-olds indicated support for #MeToo, 42% of 50- to 64-year-olds indicated supporting #MeToo, and only 41% of those over the age of 65 reported supporting the #MeToo movement.

The survey also included an open-ended question designed to gauge why those who support the #MeToo movement feel the way they do. About 34% of those who support #MeToo indicate they support the movement because it provides women with greater opportunities to achieve equality and be respected in the workplace. Other commonly cited reasons for supporting #MeToo include:

  • Ensuring abusers are held accountable
  • Bringing to light old stories of sexual harassment that may have been ignored or overlooked in the past
  • Allowing victims to heal and move on from their experiences
  • Reducing the stigma attached to reporting sexual assault and harassment

In general, the Pew Research survey seems to suggest that the overall impact of the #MeToo movement has been a positive one in the eyes of most Americans. If this movement has inspired you to consider speaking up about your own experiences, it might also inspire you to take legal action.

Discuss your case with an attorney to learn more about your options. At The Kaufman Law Firm, a Los Angeles workplace sexual harassment attorney will review your case and provide the representation you deserve if we choose to work together. Get started today by contacting us online or calling us at 310-981-3404.


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