How Do I Deal With Wrongful Termination?

You Have Rights As A Worker. I Will Help Protect Them.
Denis ZilberbergDecember 15, 2018Wrongful Termination

Finding a job that we like is really hard. We do what we can to find something interesting and that plays into our strengths so that we can eventually climb up the ladder to an even better job with even better pay. As young adults, we are told that if you just work hard and keep your head down then we will follow our hearts to a dream job. What our elders fail to teach us is how to deal with the people who work around us. Unfortunately, not everyone is pleased with our successes. Unfortunately, not everyone sees your promotion as something worth celebrating.

Have you recently been fired? Do you know the reason for your firing? Have you been doing well at work, following the rules, and doing your best? Have you seen others treated differently for doing the same thing that you have done or are doing? Have you speculated with coworkers as to why you have been treated this way? Have they responded with peculiar answers that lead you to believe that this doesn’t happen to everyone? If you are answering yes to any of these questions or have a hunch that your termination was not due to poor performance or some other legitimate reason, then you may find yourself dealing with wrongful termination.

Wrongfully Terminated, You Have Rights

California is an “At-Will” state. This means that employers have the right to terminate workers for no reason. However, there is a caveat. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions state that if you believe that your wrongful termination was due to discrimination of any kind, retaliation, or not following hiring or firing procedures, then you have the right to file a suit. If you answered yes to any of the questions above, or if you have a hunch that you may have been fired due to discrimination, retaliation, or some procedural issue occurred then you need to reach out to wrongful termination lawyers at The Kaufman Law Firm. Our Wrongful Termination attorneys are skilled in filing, investigating, and presenting your situation. We understand that headache that goes into losing a job, let us help you work through this mess and get your life back on track.

Any kind of unemployment is devastating. Knowing that your unemployment is due to someone’s or some company’s discrimination or retaliation is worse. Our Los Angeles wrongful termination attorneys work with victims of sexual, gender, race, religious, and ethnic discrimination. And it should be of no surprise that retaliation for an employee who is doing their job well and refuses to play into a corrupt system is fired due to “not fitting in”. Do not be discouraged. This is the perfect time to fight and send a message to your place of work that they cannot continue these unjust actions. Call 310-981-3404 or click here to start a conversation with our Los Angeles wrongful termination attorneys at The Kaufman Law Firm. We believe you and are here to work for you.



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