You Should Not Be Mistreated For Your Religion

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Denis ZilberbergAugust 21, 2017Workplace Discrimination

Religion is a very personal thing and in a diverse state like California, you are likely to meet people from a wide range of religious persuasions. Some are very open about their beliefs, while others practice their faith more privately. Whatever the case, it is an individual choice and one that should not make a difference to the way you are viewed or treated at work.

Sadly, religious discrimination is all too common. Throughout California, countless employees suffer harassment, unfair treatment, or a hostile work environment because their colleagues or superiors have negative feelings about their choice of religion. This can even lead to them being given fewer opportunities for promotion or being penalized for wearing religious symbols or headwear.

However, discriminating against someone for their religion in the workplace is illegal. While there are cases where the court may uphold a company’s decision to disallow an employee from wearing or displaying religious symbols, it is a highly situational matter.

As this article on employee rights explains, employers are obliged to make reasonable accommodations for an employee’s religion. The exception is when such an accommodation would result in a significant inconvenience, termed an undue hardship, for the company or employer in question.

If you have been unfairly treated on the basis of your religion or you have experienced any other form of discrimination at work, you might benefit from the support of an attorney. It can be hard to navigate employment law alone, but your attorney may be able to assist you with filing a claim and securing the justice and fair treatment that you are owed.



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