What You Should Do After Losing A Job, Pt. 1

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Denis ZilberbergMarch 6, 2016Wrongful Termination

Laid-off, let-go, and severance, there are many euphemisms for getting fired from a job. No matter the terminology your boss may use, it is a universal punch in the gut. It shakes your confidence in work and in the family. But when the dust settles and you push through the self-pity, you have some things to do. This article will go over some of the things you should do after losing a job to jump back up to your feet.

The first thing you should do is file for a claim for unemployment. Unemployment payments are based on a percentage of your prior earnings and typically expire after a few weeks? sometimes as long as a year. These payments are not designed to replace your regular wages but they do help.

Unemployment especially helps when you couple it with pairing down your expenses. Take a hard look at your home and family expenses and eliminate any unnecessary bills. Come up with a budget listing your monthly expenses. Break them into columns between mandatory and optional. For example, you can cut your cable bill, pull back on eating out and cancel any spare subscriptions.

While you are triaging your expenses, stay on top of your former employer. You are entitled to a final check that should arrive by the next pay period (at the latest). If it hasn’t arrived by then you may want to speak to an attorney. Your employer is violating your rights by delaying your final paycheck. Moreover, review your employment contract or handbook. You may be entitled to a severance package or additional post-employment support.

Furthermore, if you had health insurance through your employer, you may elect to continue that coverage under COBRA however you must pay the premiums out of pocket. The premiums may be expensive but it going to be much cheaper than acquiring your own coverage. Additionally, since the passing of the Affordable Care Act health coverage has become mandatory or you must pay a penalty.

Employers violate worker rights every day. Sometimes it is with purpose and sometimes it is by accident. If this happened to you then you may want to speak to a lawyer. Losing your job does not mean you lost your rights.


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