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Road Supervisor To Receive $125,000 For Wrongful Discharge

Denis ZilberbergMay 21, 2014

The job market can be tough at times, so most workers will do their bit to fulfill their duties and hold onto their jobs. Unfortunately, many employees in California have their positions terminated unfairly. Regardless of their value as a worker, if they come into conflict with their employer, their job is at risk. Fear […]

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Sexual Harassment Suit Settled For $155,000

Denis ZilberbergMay 16, 2014

No one should be made to feel threatened or uncomfortable in their place of work. Unfortunately, there are all too many people who overstep the boundaries between themselves and their employees or colleagues. Sexual harassment is a serious issue and one that is all too often ignored. In California, a recent lawsuit has resulted in […]

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Wage Theft Is Rampant According To New Report

Denis ZilberbergApril 29, 2014

There are so many ways for your employer to steal wages from you. All of these forms of wage theft may not necessarily be deliberate attempts by the employer to steal your money, but they are all reckless and unacceptable. Your employer could fail to pay you overtime wages. An oversight could lead to your […]

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California Pregnancy Discrimination Incident Leads To Lawsuit

Denis ZilberbergApril 22, 2014

California has been a crucial state when it comes to pushing for better protections for pregnant women in the workplace. Too often in this country, pregnant women are maligned, fired and inappropriately taken care of in many other ways by their employers. They are put in a no-win situation when it should be one of […]

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Arbitration, Do You “Like” It

Denis ZilberbergApril 17, 2014

Can you lose your right to a jury trial by eating food? General Mills, one of the world’s largest food companies, thinks so. It adopted policies that customers who buy its products, join its online communities like Facebook, or download coupons give up their constitutional rights to a jury trial. Instead, its policy requires arbitration […]

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Equal Pay Is The Law — Even At The White House

Denis ZilberbergApril 8, 2014

Equal pay advocates like Obama.  The Obama administration has always supported legislation prohibiting gender bias in compensation.  For example, the administration supported the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 which extended the statute of limitations for Unequal Pay cases, and now they support the Paycheck Fairness Act, legislation intended to remedy unequal compensation between men and women.  […]

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Office Politics Play Role In Wrongful Termination Case

Denis ZilberbergApril 4, 2014

A deputy sheriff sued his former department after he was fired, and the lawsuit earned him a $300,000 settlement. The case stemmed from an incident back in 2012, when the deputy sheriff opposed the re-election of the county sheriff. He used Facebook to campaign against the sheriff’s re-election — but when the sheriff found out […]

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Insight On The New Overtime Pay Regulations

Denis ZilberbergApril 2, 2014

In a recent speech, Labor Sec. Tom Perez elaborated on how the Obama administration seeks to revise the overtime pay regulations, according to Reuters. The Department of Labor issues interpretive regulations on the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”). The Court’s weight these regulations heavily when interpreting the FLSA. According to Perez’s speech, the administration seeks […]

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LA Police Officers Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Denis ZilberbergApril 2, 2014

Los Angeles is the location of a very serious sexual harassment filed by a female police officer who was assigned to the East Los Angeles Sheriff’s station. She claims that there is some sort of “sex club” where some of the female officers at the station would perform sexual acts for the male officers. She […]

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College Student Athlete, Now An Employee

Denis ZilberbergMarch 27, 2014

Is College Football Ready for Unions and Sharing the Wealth? A regional director for the National Labor Relations Board ruled that Northwestern football players could form a union and bargain collectively – they were employees of the University. If this ruling stands, it will revolutionize college athletics. Employees have to be paid wages, get health […]

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