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California Employers Required To Provide Harassment Training

Denis ZilberbergApril 30, 2015

For workers in California, the week can be exhausting. You work long hours for several days a week just to earn enough money to support your family. This can be hard enough, but for some the working week is made even more exhausting to the point of being intolerable. This is because many of these […]

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There Is No Excuse For Sexual Harassment

Denis ZilberbergMarch 20, 2015

Many workers in California love their jobs. However, even with the best job in the world, you could still feel unhappy and uncomfortable at work if a colleague or superior is creating a hostile environment for you. This could take the form of abuse, discrimination, or even harassment. Whatever the case, you deserve to be […]

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Your Employer Should Protect You From Harassment

Denis ZilberbergFebruary 19, 2015

Experiencing any form of mistreatment at work is unpleasant and distressing. Beyond that, it is also unacceptable. No matter your line of work, you deserve to be fairly treated by your employer and colleagues. Sadly, many workers in California face discrimination and harassment every day. However, fearing for the security of their jobs, many also […]

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Sexual Harassment Is Never Acceptable

Denis ZilberbergJanuary 12, 2015

It is a growing problem in California that workers are subjected to unwanted sexual comments and advances from their colleagues and superiors. Sadly, too few employers take steps to combat this issue, while the employees subjected to this unfair treatment are left unsure what to do. It can be extremely difficult to talk about harassment […]

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California Moves To Protect Farmworkers From Sexual Harassment

Denis ZilberbergOctober 2, 2014

No one should have to endure sexual abuse or harassment in any area of their life and the workplace is no exception. Unfortunately, all too many employees are subjected to inappropriate comments, requests, and even physical abuse. To make things worse, many fear that reporting this unacceptable behavior may cost them their jobs. However, after […]

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Your Employer May Be Liable If You Are Harassed At Work

Denis ZilberbergAugust 28, 2014

If the environment you work in is unfriendly, there is a good chance that your performance will suffer. In some ways, however, this may be the least of your worries. Sexual harassment can be deeply distressing and very difficult to deal with. However, if you are subjected to harassment in the workplace, it is important […]

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Yahoo Exec In Sexual Harassment Case

Denis ZilberbergJuly 17, 2014

Being unfairly treated in your place of work is a difficult thing to cope with. A hostile work environment can make it difficult to focus on your job and can have a negative impact on your emotional health and general well-being. Sexual harassment is just one form of mistreatment that workers may experience, but it […]

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Nurse Feels Hospital Handled Sexual Harassment Case Poorly

Denis ZilberbergJune 25, 2014

Employers have a responsibility to ensure that their staff are able to feel safe and comfortable in the workplace. Unfortunately, some are negligent in this duty, while others go as far as to abuse their power, causing physical or emotional harm to their employees. Sadly, California is no exception and many employees experience sexual harassment […]

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Sexual Harassment Suit Settled For $155,000

Denis ZilberbergMay 16, 2014

No one should be made to feel threatened or uncomfortable in their place of work. Unfortunately, there are all too many people who overstep the boundaries between themselves and their employees or colleagues. Sexual harassment is a serious issue and one that is all too often ignored. In California, a recent lawsuit has resulted in […]

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LA Police Officers Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Denis ZilberbergApril 2, 2014

Los Angeles is the location of a very serious sexual harassment filed by a female police officer who was assigned to the East Los Angeles Sheriff’s station. She claims that there is some sort of “sex club” where some of the female officers at the station would perform sexual acts for the male officers. She […]

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