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You Have Rights As A Worker. I Will Help Protect Them.

Subtle Ways Employers Can Require Employees to Work Overtime Without Payment

The Kaufman Law FirmDecember 16, 2022

Overtime pay is a form of compensation that is required by law in California except for certain workers who, due to the nature of their jobs and duties, are considered exempt Overtime pay serves to compensate employees for the additional time and effort they put into their job, and to encourage employers to limit the […]

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How To Build A Workplace Retaliation Case Against An Employer

The Kaufman Law FirmMay 18, 2022

As a worker in the State of California, you have the right to cooperate with investigators who suspect that your employer may have engaged in unsafe or illegal practices. An example of such a practice would be ignoring OSHA safety regulations. Additionally, you have the right to file reports with government agencies and law enforcement […]

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Understanding Hostile Work Environments in California

The Kaufman Law FirmMarch 15, 2022

California law requires that employees be able to work in safe environments that don’t pose unreasonable risks to not only their physical safety, but their mental and emotional wellbeing too. Someone working in an environment where they are made to feel excessively stressed or uncomfortable may be operating in what’s known as a hostile work […]

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New 2022 California Labor & Employment Laws: An Overview

The Kaufman Law FirmFebruary 16, 2022

With California Governor Gavin Newsom signing a hefty amount of new bills that will affect workplace and labor laws in 2022, we thought it was important for you to be in the know about some of the more significant changes. In addition to the various state employment laws that went into effect on January 1, […]

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Coronavirus And Covid19 – Work In The Time Of Plague

The Kaufman Law FirmMarch 19, 2020

This is for California employees with labor law and employment law claims. 1. My employer laid me off. Can they do that? What should I do? Yes, unfortunately they can. You are eligible for unemployment benefits and should make a claim with the Employment Development Department. https://www.edd.ca.gov/Unemployment/ 2. I am an exempt salaried employee, but […]

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Your Employer Can’t Hide Benefits From You

The Kaufman Law FirmAugust 29, 2017

Federal law extends many protections for workers all across the country. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act is one of these laws. ERISA was enacted to ensure that employees have access to the information they need so as to get access to their benefits. So, if you qualify to participate in the employee 401(k) plan, […]

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The Steps To File For Unemployment

The Kaufman Law FirmAugust 18, 2017

Unemployment insurance is coverage provided to workers that lose their jobs. It isn’t available to everyone so you must apply for these payments. California provides several options to file for unemployment claims, including online, via mail and over the phone. Unemployment claims are managed by the Employment Development Department (or “EDD”). The EDD released guidelines […]

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How To File For Paid Family Leave

The Kaufman Law FirmAugust 16, 2017

Paid family leave is treated as a type of disability insurance under California law. Typically, paid family leave is handled totally in-house. You would file a request with your employer and then take your leave. You only file a claim with California if your employer is part of the state program or refuses to give […]

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What Happens If Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Is Denied?

The Kaufman Law FirmAugust 16, 2017

California provides robust labor protections. However, they are still subject to the biases of people. The first step in getting your claim approved is submitting it to the claims administrator. If the claims administrator denies your claim, then you have a few options. First of all, if your claim is denied, you can seek assistance […]

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Suit Involving 20 Injured And One Fatality Is Settled

The Kaufman Law FirmAugust 16, 2017

Safety procedures are studied and enacted for a reason: safety. This is especially true in high-risk jobs like firefighting, policing and construction. Unfortunately, there will always be companies that put profit and deadlines ahead of their workers’ lives. It is due to this sad reality that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration regularly updates its […]

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