Sexual Harassment Digs Deep In The Workplace

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Denis ZilberbergApril 14, 2021Sexual Harassment

Despite the Me Too Movement exposing the extent of the problem, despite laws prohibiting and the dishonor surrounding it, despite updated programs to root it out; it appears sexual harassment continues digging deeper into the foundation of the workplace.

Recent research reveals shocking insights regarding the details of this illicit and illegal behavior. Effectively explaining how sexual harassment is embedded in the workplace helps identify the issue plaguing employees which leads to more people reporting harassment so appropriate action can be taken.

If you are suffering from sexual harassment in the greater Los Angeles area, your next step should be finding representation from a seasoned employment attorney like Matthew A. Kaufman.

The stats

A study conducted by the Harvard Business Review in 2019 uncovered some disturbing statistics regarding work-related sexual harassment. The statistics show:

  • One in three working women, 35 years old or younger, has been sexually harassed at work at least once. The majority of these women report their harassers were male coworkers, supervisors, or clients
  • One in 10 female respondents had been sexually harassed by a female at work
  • 80% of respondents had experienced verbal sexual harassment in the workplace
  • 25% of respondents had been sent at least one sexually obscene email or text message from a coworker or supervisor
  • 44% had experienced unwanted physical contact or sexual advances at work
  • More than 70% of women respondents were sexually harassed but never reported it

In some unreported cases, victims may not have realized the incident was workplace sexual harassment, and 16% percent of respondents did not initially have a clear understanding of what constitutes sexual harassment at work. In many unreported cases, the victims either felt embarrassed or feared retaliation or just wanted to move on and leave the incident in the past.

The facts

Often, detractors of the Me Too Movement have criticized these deeply confessional stories as simply a matter of perspective or bias. To clarify the perspective, here are a few facts to illustrate the consensus regarding sexual harassment in the workplace:

  • California employees have the right to work in a non-threatening environment
  • Victims of sexual harassment often live in fear in their workplace
  • Sexual Harassment affects an employee’s production
  • Sexual harassment makes for an uncomfortable work environment for everyone
  • Sexual harassment can mean many different things
  • Sexual harassment can be inappropriate touching or suggestive verbal advance
  • A harasser can be anyone, from a supervisor to a co-worker to a non-employee
  • A harasser does not have to be the opposite sex of the victim
  • The victim can be a man or a woman
  • The victim does not have to be a harassed person. They can be any employee affected by workplace misconduct
  • The conduct of the harasser must be unwelcome
  • Sexual harassment does not have to result in wrongful termination or demotion, but all sexual assault should be reported and addressed

The next step

There is no reason sexual harassment should not be identified, addressed, and resolved in the workplace. Because it is so common, it is also overlooked or ignored which continues the vicious cycle until it becomes a pattern.

If you have been the target of workplace sexual harassment or retaliation, the next logical step is finding a Los Angeles sexual harassment attorney. Matthew A. Kaufman is always available to guide you through the legal process. Contact us for a consultation at 310-981-3404 (Los Angeles) or 818-990-1999 (Westlake Village).



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