Target Worker Fired In Los Angeles Alleges Disability Discrimination

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Denis ZilberbergOctober 12, 2020Workplace Discrimination

Workers with disabilities have various rights provided to them under both federal and state laws. Unfortunately, there are times when employers violate the rights of employees with disabilities. At The Kaufman Law Firm, our skilled Los Angeles workplace discrimination attorneys have extensive experience helping clients who have been treated unfairly by their employers. Here, we want to discuss a recent lawsuit that has been filed against Target for alleged disability discrimination of an employee who suffers from a traumatic brain injury.

Former Target Employee With TBI Files Discrimination Suit

Nathan Juarez, a person who previously suffered a traumatic brain injury, says that he was mistreated at work and fired in 2019 on the basis of his disability. Target has previously made it clear that they do not discriminate against employees with disabilities, but the behavior described by Juarez seems to paint a different picture.

Nathan Juarez says that he was hired in September 2019 as a food and beverage employee at a Target in Norwalk. Juarez says that he told the company about his traumatic brain injury during the interview process. However, Juarez alleges that while he was working at Target, he faced discrimination from his supervisor, who continually compared him to employees who are working faster and had more experience with the company.

According to the lawsuit, Juarez claims that his boss said in front of other people that his slower speed could lead to him being fired. The suit claims that Juarez was not offered potential solutions or reasonable accommodations for his disability. He also claims that he was never properly trained about his job duties and expectations and that no action was taken when he brought up his complaints to a manager.

According to the lawsuit, “This shows that Target had no interest in addressing plaintiff’s complaints of discrimination and harassment, but rather, would (and did) retaliate against plaintiff by terminating his employment, among other adverse employment actions.”

The lawsuit claims that Juarez was allegedly fired for being “full of excuses of why you are a slow performer when completing your tasks.”

As of this writing, Target says that they are aware of the lawsuit, but they have not been served with any documentation yet. They say that the company prohibits discrimination and harassment and has a longstanding commitment to creating inclusive work environments.

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