Top 5 Discriminatory Practices In The Workplace

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Denis ZilberbergJanuary 19, 2019Workplace Discrimination

There is nothing better than landing the job of your dreams. There is just something about finding a position that allows you to work on your strong skills while honing your weaker characteristics. As a fellow go-getter, finding a job that really gets your mental groove going is so satisfying. But as we all know, once the high of the job starts to decline, we start to settle into the everyday routine of our job. It is like falling in love. The beginning is always a sweet rush. It’s as if you can’t think of anything else and it is the only place you want to be. Yet over time, the honeymoon period starts to fade and you start to see your job for who it really is. The difference is you can still love your position, but it is the illusion of the work environment that is starting to shatter around.

You start to notice subtle behaviors, or in the legal world, we call them micro-aggressions. Defined, micro-aggressions are small statements or actions that are indirect, subtly, or unintentionally discriminatory against people who are already marginalized. We know. Sometimes there are people who just don’t really understand the nuances of language or actions that relate to those who are different. So let’s say you already addressed this incident with the person responsible. Maybe a week goes by and they are distant to you. Then they start saying or acting the same way. You start to see that other people are joining with them. Now when you walk around the office you don’t feel as safe. You realize that your role is respected, but you aren’t feeling that respected.

Our Los Angeles Discrimination Attorney at The Kaufman Law Firm is here to tell you that you are not crazy and you are doing the right thing. California takes discriminatory allegations very seriously. Here are 5 common types of discriminatory practices to help you better understand what you may be dealing with:

  1. Age: Whether you are too young or too old, it shouldn’t matter. Nor should it affect how you are treated at work.
  2. Sex: Your sexuality or gender is your concern, not anyone else’s. If you are feeling mistreated then you probably are.
  3. Race: We get it, it is 2019. But, have you seen the news lately about those who work in our government? Racism is alive and well.
  4. Disability: Your work abilities are not defined by your physical abilities.
  5. Religion: Who you decide to pray to is your business.

There is a difference between an off comment and someone who is repeatedly irritating you at work and creating a hostile environment. Our Discrimination Attorneys can help you define that line and help you get the justice you deserve to live up to your potential at work. Call 310-981-3404 or click here to start a conversation with our attorneys at The Kaufman Law Firm in Los Angeles today.



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