Newsweek Fires Staff Who Were Investigating Their Parent Company

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Denis ZilberbergFebruary 8, 2018Retaliation

Newsweek was once a respected, widely-read US publication, with around 3.3 million copies selling each week at its peak, but has been in decline since around 2010. The popularity of the magazine may be unlikely to increase in the near future, as details emerge about the dismissal of senior staff who had been investigating the finances of Newsweek’s parent company, Newsweek Media Group. Editor in chief, Bob Roe, and executive editor, Ken Li, had been overseeing an investigation by reporters Celeste Katz and Josh Saul, and International Business Times writer, Josh Keefe. Ms. Katz has confirmed she was also fired, while Mr. Keefe has said he was not fired, but it had clearly been intended that he would be. Mr. Saul has not commented.

Retaliation After Investigation at Newsweek

The firing of Mr. Roe, Mr. Li, and Ms. Katz is believed to be an act of retaliation for their involvement in an investigation into financial dealings of Newsweek Media Group, including payments allegedly made to Olivet University amounting to $2.8 million in licensing, research and development agreements. The Manhattan District attorney was also involved in the investigation, which saw the District Attorney’s office raid Newsweek’s New York office, confiscating 18 computer servers. The investigation has been ongoing for around 17 months.

After the three staff were terminated on Monday, February 6, senior writer, Matthew Cooper, resigned in disgust at the move, which he referred to as “reckless leadership”. Nancy Cooper, the managing editor of the International Business Times, has since been named as acting editor of Newsweek, with co-founder Johnathan Davis said to be returning to act as an interim chief content officer. The current chief content officer, Dayan Candappa, is awaiting the outcome of an independent investigation into allegations of sexual harassment involving him.

Have You Been a Victim of Retaliation?

This story clearly illustrates the ongoing issue of retaliation in the workplace. This happens when an employee, who has reported illegal activity, sexual harassment, discrimination, or similar behavior, only to find their employer acts against them. Retaliation can involve dismissal, unfairly negative performance reviews, withholding of pay and bonuses, or other vengeful acts.

If you’ve been a victim of retaliation after whistleblowing, reporting discrimination, seeking a fair wage, or joining a union, you may benefit from the expertise of a Los Angeles retaliation attorney. The retaliation itself is bound to be an unpleasant experience, and proving that it’s happening can compound this, due to the complexity of such cases.

At the Kaufman Law Firm, we have been successfully protecting and defending employees against retaliation for over twenty years, and a Los Angeles retaliation attorney from our team will be happy to work tirelessly to win you the compensation you deserve. We can prove that retaliation took place and that you suffered as a result.

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