Los Angeles County Underrepresented In The Capitol Due To Sexual Misconduct Claims

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Denis ZilberbergFebruary 22, 2018Sexual Harassment

Sex scandals and politics have never been strangers, but seem to go hand-in-hand more than ever at the moment. As numerous stories of sexual harassment, sexual offenses, and related incidents make the news, some parts of Los Angeles County are now unrepresented in the Capitol after both Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia and Senator Tony Mendoza have taken leave due to public allegations of improper conduct and sexual misconduct. As a result, a large portion of southeastern Los Angeles County is without a representative in either the Assembly or the Senate.

Sexual Misconduct by Los Angeles County Lawmakers

The 440,000 people living in the affected area have been left without representation after Senator Tony Mendoza went on leave in November, followed shortly after by Garcia, who started her unpaid leave earlier in February. Mendoza has been accused of sexual harassment towards three former aides, claims which he is adamant are untrue. Mendoza is currently in the process of suing the Senate over their handling of his investigation, along with a constituent who is suing the state for denying him representation.

Garcia also denies the allegations that have been made against her, as she stands accused of making unwanted sexual advances towards three men, as well as allegations from ex-staffers about her using inappropriate language, discussing sex, and consuming alcohol in the office. Garcia has stated that she has stepped aside to avoid influencing the investigation, not because she is guilty of any of the offenses.

At present, there is no expected timeline for the conclusion of either Garcia or Mendoza’s investigation.

What Is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment can take several different forms, each of which may have a significant impact on the wellbeing, performance and entire life of the victim. You have the right to work without experiencing any unwanted sexual contact, whether physical, verbal, or implied. To constitute sexual harassment in Los Angeles:

  • The behavior must be unwelcome
  • The victim can be either male or female, and the harasser can be of the same or opposite sex
  • Wrongful termination or demotion is not a necessary to factor for filing a sexual harassment lawsuit
  • The harasser does not need to be in a senior position – it is possible for a claim to be filed against a non-employee
  • The victim is not necessarily the person being harassed, as the term can be applied to any employee affected by the behaviour

A Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Attorney from The Kaufman Law Firm Could Help You

If you’ve experienced sexual harassment in Los Angeles, an attorney from The Kaufman Law Firm could be the key to a successful outcome. When you entrust us with pursuing your sexual harassment lawsuit, we will investigate every aspect of your case, utilizing our comprehensive and aggressive techniques to protect your rights. We aim to place every client in the best position to proceed with their lawsuit.

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