Truck Driver Wins $180,000 Following Wage Dispute

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Denis ZilberbergAugust 12, 2017Wage & Hour Law

Throughout California, many hardworking people still struggle to cover their basic expenses. The cost of living can be high and even if you hold down multiple jobs, it is not always easy to make ends meet. This is made worse if your employer does not pay you a fair wage or neglects to pay extra costs such as overtime when required.

When you do not receive the money you are owed, it can be extremely frustrating and upsetting. Furthermore, it can put a significant strain on your financial well-being which can, in turn, affect your quality of life. As such, it is important to challenge your employer if you feel they are not paying you fairly, or if you are being asked to work unreasonable hours or shifts you are unable to do.

In one such case, a trucker has been awarded a sum of close to $180,000 to cover expenses and back wages. This comes after a lawsuit in which he was shown to have been classified incorrectly as being an independent contractor. The company he worked for is reported to have made illegal deductions from his paycheck and has been accused of violating the California Code.

If you have been underpaid or you have suffered any other breach of your employee rights, you may want to seek justice and challenge those who have mistreated you. However, it can seem like a daunting task if you are uncertain about how to handle it. Fortunately, an attorney may be able to assist you with your claim and advise you about how best to proceed in order to secure the compensation and fair treatment you deserve.



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