Workers’ Compensation And Returning To Work

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Denis ZilberbergJune 16, 2016Employee Rights

Cutting off workers’ compensation benefits when you return to work makes sense at first. After all, workers’ compensation compensates you for your injuries you sustained at work. If you can work, then you must not be injured anymore. But this takes a very narrow view of workers’ compensation. There are many reasons to order these benefits, including as wage replacement, but that does not cover all of the reasons. This post will go over the ways that returning to work may affect your benefits.

If your benefits are 100 percent wage-replacement, then they will end once you are able to earn your full wage from before the injury. This means if you are completely recovered and you got your old job back then the benefits end. But if you are unable to work a full day or you were transferred to less strenuous (and less pay) work, then your benefits should continue. In this situation, your benefits will be reduced but not eliminated.

Another reason for workers’ compensation benefits is to pay medical bills. Just because you can return to work, does not mean that you are fully healed from the injury. You may need therapies and doctor visits months after you return to work. If the insurance company stops payments, then you may want to speak with an attorney to clarify the situation.

Workers’ compensation is a complicated area of law with strict document requirements and deadlines. If you miss one of those deadlines, it is possible your claim could be denied. Don’t risk your benefits to a company representative. Make sure you have your own counsel to ensure that your rights are properly represented. The Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney allows you to let go of managing your claim and lets you focus on what is truly important; your family and your health.


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