Unequal Pay May Be A Sign Of Discrimination

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Denis ZilberbergAugust 28, 2015Workplace Discrimination

In California, many employees settle for lower wages than they would like, simply because there are too few options available or because they do not think they can negotiate a higher rate. However, one of the big issues facing some workers is being paid less for their job than a colleague doing the same job. There are times when this can be justified. However, if you are being paid less for a reason unrelated to your job, such as your gender, it may be considered discriminatory.

No one should have to tolerate discrimination at work or, indeed, in any other area of their life. Unfortunately, all too many people are preoccupied with the differences between themselves and others and will go out of their way to make things difficult for others. If you discover that you are being paid less because of your gender, you might want to consider filing a claim.

As this article on employee rights explains in greater detail, there are a number of details that must be proven in order to bring a claim that you are suffering pay discrimination. You must be able to show that two employees from the same workplace, one being male and one female, are receiving unequal pay despite doing equal work. It then falls to the employer to justify this difference, using reasons such as the relative performance or seniority of the employees in question.

If you are considering making a claim or you have any other concerns about the way you are being treated at work, you might benefit from the support of the discrimination attorney in Los Angeles. He or she can explain your rights and may be able to help you identify whether you might be entitled to compensation. With this advice, you can seek a resolution to your situation and work toward achieving a friendlier and fairer working environment.


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