Mcdonald’s Branch Accused Of Age Discrimination

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Denis ZilberbergJuly 21, 2015Workplace Discrimination

The longer you have held your position, the greater your experience and, by extension, the better you are likely to be in your job. If you are a hardworking employee, you might hope that after several years of good work, you may be valued by the company. Often this is the case, but sadly this is not always how things work out. All too often, long-standing, diligent workers are unfairly dismissed in favor of younger staff.

This is exactly what is alleged to have happened at a branch of McDonald’s in Northridge, California. Seven former employees, one male, and six female are seeking unspecified damages from McDonald’s Restaurants of California Inc., which has accused the company of wrongful termination and age discrimination. Their complaint also claims emotional distress, believed to have been intentionally inflicted.

According to the former employees, a manager hired in 2012 proceeded to deny older workers timely opportunities to take their breaks. She is also said to have slashed their hours, in what has been described as an attempt to marginalize them and convince them to leave. Later, when the restaurant was remodeled, the manager is said to have stated that she only wanted young staff.

The seven complainants were not rehired once the work was complete, even though some had worked there for up to 20 years previously. They allege that they believe the reason for their dismissal was that they are all over 40.

Sadly, this is something that all too many employees in California experience, and it can take a long time to resolve such matters. Even so, it is vital to stand up for your rights and you do not have to do it alone. wrongful termination attorney in Los Angeles can advise you about how to proceed and may be able to help you get the most out of your claim.


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