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Many employees in Long Beach work in industries and jobs that are based on commissions. California sees commissions jobs as those where the employee performs service involving the closing of a sale or a sale-based job. Sometimes tips can fall into this category. Commissions are typically based on the amount of the sale and an employee must be directly involved in the sale of the property. Employers will use various tactics to avoid paying commissions to hard-working employees. Every case is unique and has its own obstacles to get through. If you fear you have a wage or unpaid commission issue, consult with a Long Beach unpaid commissions attorney.

Unpaid Commission Issues

Do many employees wonder how an employer can even refuse to pay commissions? Well, some employers will implement commission plans which manipulate workers to perform duties without paying them accordingly. There are other circumstances like a client not paying for a completed sale or the employee not getting appropriate credit for the sale. Some employers will go as far as changing the commission plan without informing their employees. Another method that employers use to avoid paying commissions is when an employee is terminated or leaves, they do not pay even though the terms of sale had been established previously. If any of these circumstances sound like what you are currently facing then it is time to consult with a Long Beach unpaid commissions attorney who can discuss the details of your circumstances and determine an appropriate plan of action.

How a Long Beach Unpaid Commission Attorney Can Help

Although illegal, many employers will not pay commissions properly to their employees for completed sales. Long Beach workers depend on salaries and commissions to live a good quality of life. When commissions go unpaid, it affects not only you but also your family. Matthew A. Kaufman understands your plight and has recovered compensation for workers throughout Southern California. A Lot of variables can go into determining the value of an unpaid commission claim and only a knowledgeable Long Beach unpaid commissions attorney can determine the full value of your claim including interests, damages, and penalties. We will pursue full and fair compensation for your unpaid commission claim.

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Long Beach unpaid commission claims can be difficult to pursue without an employment attorney by your side. We will be able to look into company policies and procedures that will benefit your claim. You may have also received a written compensation agreement that may have been broken causing you to not be paid your eligible commissions. We can also find other cases filed against your employer previously. This can lead to a class action claim. Determining the best course of action can only be accomplished by consulting with a Long Beach unpaid commissions attorney. Matthew A. Kaufman and his legal team will fight for your rights in the workplace. Contact our offices by phone or by using our online contact form.

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