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By design, assisted living centers and home healthcare facilities provide an atmosphere where senior citizens, even those who are unable to help themselves, may live out their years without financial strain. Meals, medical care, and structured activities help elderly folks live a more comfortable life.

Unfortunately, some senior citizens are wrongfully objectified. They become the center of one’s greed, perversion, or violent tantrums, with many cases going unreported for years. Any expectation of trust quickly vanishes for these senior citizens, and unwarranted fear settles in.

The Kaufman Law Firm, a pro-elderly Long Beach Elder abuse attorney firm dedicated to the preservation of freedoms for elderly individuals being cared for by these licensed agencies, zealously litigates cases where skilled care lost its ‘care’.

Elder Abuse Comes in Many Forms

Although many cases of elder abuse follow a common thread, many unique manifestations are prevalent in today’s society. As nurses, doctors, dietitians and housekeeping staff are afforded access to homes or rooms where senior citizens live, the following abusive activities are reported to our firm:

Institutionally-based elder abuse isn’t the only type our Long Beach Elder abuse attorney group handles. Certain types of abandonment and institutional abuse fall under EADACPA legislation. Notwithstanding, certain cases may not only be tried civilly, but be referred to our district attorney for criminal prosecution.

Loved Ones May Act on Your Behalf

While many loved ones may be oblivious to elder abuse where the senior citizen resides, a growing number of survivors simply don’t report incidents out of fear the institution will retaliate against their elderly parent.

The Kaufman Law Firm has spent considerable amounts of time litigating, educating and helping elderly folks overcome elderly abuse. It’s never too late to stand up for your parents, neighbors, friends or spouses who are living a perpetual nightmare at the hands of the facilities who vow to protect them.

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