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Counterattacking employees when an employer makes negligible, quite possibly fraudulent, decisions at the workplace is illegal. Setting aside the unethical value of retaliating, state and federal laws contend that workers who report illicit activities being conducted at the workplace are protected.

The Kaufman Law Firm takes cases where employers acted with malice against their employees because of their own shortcomings. As Long Beach retaliation attorneys, our job is to protect the interest of workers acting as whistleblowers, many times because work conditions have either become so poor, or ill-conceived decisions being made by upper management are directly affecting employee performance.

Retaliation for Whistleblowing and Qui Tam

Reporting illegal practices, such as discriminating against disabled people or employers who ‘cooked the books, takes a single act of courageousness. Whether reporting directly to law enforcement, EEOC, or other labor agencies, companies that get wind of your reports may not dock your pay, suddenly reclassify your employment type, or terminate your employment altogether.

Our Long Beach retaliation attorneys rigorously litigate uncommon activities where employers were negligent, and employees reported said negligence. These may include:

If a government employee, or a controller of a government work contract, is known to be violating federal laws, qui tam action may be appropriate. Loosely interpreted as ‘one who sues the King sues himself, qui tam actions start from a single whistleblower’s alert reporting.

Our Long Beach Retaliation Attorneys Fight Back

Armed with the knowledge of California labor laws, and federal employment standards, The Kaufman Law Firm has successfully brought an action to employers who unnecessarily retaliated against employees for doing what they perceive to be the right thing for themselves, their coworkers, and workers who may enter the workforce in the future.

To successfully win a case of retaliation, we must prove:

Many cases like this fail to reach court because our Long Beach retaliation attorney is masterful at settling cases before trial.

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