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Discrimination, in all forms, is a precursor to a much larger societal issue. Whether it’s disparaging someone because they’re of a certain race, the denigration of one’s religious values, or chastising disabled people who may look or act differently than others, no part of discrimination is okay. It breeds a generation of hatred, creates an almost intolerable work environment, and most certainly leads to questioning one’s place in society.

The Kaufman Law Firm, featuring a Long Beach discrimination attorney highly regarded for his discrimination trial experience, represents clients who’ve been wrongly terminated or otherwise outcast in their workplace due to rights or conditions covered by the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Through our skillful litigation, workers can bring discriminatory acts, including racial propaganda and religious bigotry, to a close in their respective work environments.

Areas Where Discrimination Hits Hardest

Through the help of the brave employees who step forward and voice their concerns, The Kaufman Law Firm’s Long Beach discrimination attorney will bring individual or class action against corporations, or any public or private entity with greater than 15 employees. The areas we concentrate on, although not inclusive, are:

As discrimination takes so many forms, the above list gives you a loose idea of what we can litigate. The Civil Rights Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, and numerous watchdog agencies can assist in bringing workplaces that circumvent acts of discrimination to justice.


Discrimination in the workplace can take many forms. The following are just several noteworthy examples:

Again, that is not a full list. If you suspect your employer has violated a workplace discrimination law, even if none of the above examples correspond with your exact circumstances, schedule a consultation at a Long Beach discrimination law firm. Our experts can review the details of your case and help you better understand whether you should take legal action.


What you might gain if you file a workplace discrimination claim and win your case can vary depending on the circumstances. For example, perhaps your boss fired you for discriminatory reasons. If you present a strong case against them, you might get your job back.

Being the victim of discrimination in the workplace can also cause an employee to endure various life hardships, such as loss of income, emotional trauma, etc. In some instances, victims of workplace discrimination can recover financial compensation for these damages.

One thing is certain: Your odds of winning this type of case will be much greater if you have representation from a qualified workplace discrimination lawyer.


Proving that an employer committed an act of illegal discrimination is not always easy. To present a solid case, it is wise to enlist the help of a professional with experience representing clients like yourself.

A qualified Long Beach discrimination attorney can assist you by:


Reviewing your case with a lawyer before proceeding with a claim is wise for various reasons. First, it’s helpful to speak with an expert who can tell you whether you even have a valid case to begin with.

Second, a lawyer will be more thoroughly familiar with California and federal workplace discrimination laws. Thus, they will be able to identify which specific laws your employer may have broken. Citing these laws is essential when bringing a case against an employer.


Proving you were a victim of workplace discrimination may require conducting an investigation. This is a task that is easier with the expertise and resources of an attorney.

For example, perhaps your employer fired you for discriminatory reasons. Naturally, they will not admit this. Your employer will probably fabricate a justification for terminating your employment, such as a pattern of inadequate on-the-job performance.

To show that your employer is lying when they claim this is the reason they had for letting you go, it might be necessary to:

A Long Beach discrimination attorney can handle these tasks for you. Although the specific steps a lawyer will take when building a case might not mirror these, as each case is different, the main point to understand is that an attorney can ensure you provide critical evidence and documentation when filing a claim against an employer.

Discriminated Against? Let’s Fight Back.

Nothing hurts worse than being hated for who you are, what you look like, or what you stand for. Figureheads like Martin Luther King Jr., who brought workplace discrimination to light, is the very reason The Kaufman Law Firm fights to protect your rights today.

For an initial consultation, contact our Long Beach discrimination firm today. You’re under no obligation to use our legal representation, although, with our experience, we hope you’ll consider it.

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