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Atypically workday consists of 8 hours and for a week that would be 40 hours. Any time worked after that is considered overtime and should be counted as such for non-exempt employees. In California, overtime pay is time and half the regular wage. If you are working over 12 hours in a day then pay is double. However, countless private businesses, companies and corporations are trying to save money at the expense of workers and in doing so violate the law and leave workers without overtime time.

Jobs are a major part of our lifestyle and everyone should be compensated accordingly for the work that they complete each day. Employees should never have to worry about receiving compensation for the work duties they perform. Most think of overtime pay as working beyond your regular work shift but there are other things that can qualify as such like working during your break time. The Kaufman Law Firm has been representing workers in unpaid overtime disputes since 1993. Our legal staff has obtained compensation for countless men and women throughout Long Beach and we can do the same for you. Schedule an initial case evaluation where we can review the details of your circumstances and determine the best course of action.

Unpaid Overtime in Long Beach

Employers will use tactics to trick the system and avoid paying overtime to hard-working employees. All of this is illegal and employers need to be held responsible for their actions. Here are some common unpaid overtime disputes that our law firm handles:

You should keep accurate records of your time working in case there is ever a discrepancy. This will help as evidence that you worked overtime. You should be able to trust in your employer but you should also use precaution when necessary. Our Long Beach unpaid overtime lawyers have the knowledge and experience to handle any kind of employment law issue.

How a Long Beach Unpaid Overtime Attorney Can Help

Over the years, we have run into every type of deceitful employment practice and helped the victim recover the compensation they deserve. Our legal staff will be able to answer any questions you may have about your circumstances. You should be able to work each day without having to worry about getting paid for your time. Many employees are unaware of their rights under California labor laws and this can hurt you and have you leaving money on the table. Our Long Beach unpaid overtime attorneys can fight to protect your rights. Contact The Kaufman Law Firm to schedule an initial consultation so we can begin building your case. We will work diligently to place you in the best position to succeed and obtain compensation for unpaid overtime and other employment issues.

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Your job is more than just a source of income. It is a major part of your lifestyle. If you have been the victim of wrongful termination, wrongful demotion or any kind of discriminatory business practices, it is time to take action and contact a Ventura employment law attorney that can help. Attorney Matthew A. Kaufman and the team at The Kaufman Law Firm bring experience and a vast arsenal of legal resources to help clients recover the money they deserve.

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