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Some employers withhold compensation and unpaid sales commissions from their employees ignoring the laws already established, which protect workers in Los Angeles from such illegal conduct. Employers should pay their employees during the course of their employment according to their business regulations and taking into consideration how employment laws handle unpaid commissions or any other pay-related dispute.

Oftentimes, salespeople are missing commissions from sales they made. Employers who owe employees these commissions are violating both federal and state employment laws and should be held responsible for their actions. The best way to seek compensation for your hard work and unpaid wage situation is hiring legal representation from a Los Angeles unpaid commissions attorney.

Claims we handle in Los Angeles

Some unpaid sales commissions claims we have successfully handled in the past include:

If your employer is at fault for withholding compensation from you, several laws in California can protect you. It’s important you hire a Los Angeles unpaid commissions attorney and never sign a contract that waves your rights to sales commissions. You can pursue a claim in court and with the DLSE.

Remember commissions are your pay. They are a percentage of the price for a service or product sold and you are legally entitled to such compensation as stated in your contract or written commission agreement. Employers in California are required to provide such agreements and include how commissions are calculated. You can contact your attorney if you have not been provided with a written commission agreement and would like to find out about your rights under these circumstances.

Keeping records

If you suspect your commissions are not being paid accordingly, you should start keeping record of important information such as the amount of sales you have closed, dates, and percentage of commissions you are suppose to receive on each specific sale. You should also specify the amount of work you did and any other details that may benefit your case. This information is crucial when deciding the amount of commission that should be calculated in your favor.


The process of building a case and demonstrating that you were not paid commissions you earned can involve a range of steps. They may include (but are not necessarily limited to) the following:

The main point to understand is that properly showing that a person like yourself deserves to receive a commission payment that’s been withheld from them is often a challenging task for someone who has minimal experience addressing such matters.

Luckily, this isn’t a task you need to handle on your own. It’s much wiser to enlist the help of a Los Angeles unpaid commissions attorney who has a proven track record of successfully representing clients like yourself in the past. The team at our firm can help you by:


There are various ways in which an employer may attempt to avoid paying an employee a commission they deserve. For example, perhaps an employer changes the terms of their commission payment policy after an employee has joined the company.

They might have done so in a manner that’s in violation of California law or their own relevant company policies. However, such an employer might also believe that an employee won’t know this, and can thus convince said employee that their choice to make changes to the commissions payment policy was justified.

Don’t trust an employer is being honest if you suspect they’re in the wrong for denying you a commission. There’s no harm in at least reviewing your case with the experts at a Los Angeles unpaid commissions law firm. We’ll offer information and insights your employer might keep from you. If you don’t have a valid case, we won’t waste either your time or ours pursuing it, so there’s no risk that a lawyer will say you should file a claim or lawsuit when this is in fact not warranted given the circumstances.

Contact a Los Angeles unpaid commissions attorney

At The Kaufman Law Firm, we provide outstanding legal guidance to employees in Los Angeles seeking to file unpaid commissions claims. We understand your struggle and will fight zealously to protect your rights. Our decades of experience can ensure the successful outcome of your employment law case.

We are conveniently located in Los Angeles and would love to answer any questions or concerns you may have. During your initial consultation, we will carefully review your circumstances and explain what steps you may need to take before pursuing your claim. Remember when you stand up for your rights you may inspire other people in similar situations. Nobody deserves to suffer these injustices at work.

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