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Have you ever wondered how goods get across the country more specifically from Florida to California? Well, the answer is trains. They can move quickly across a lot of lands at high rates of speed. This is wonderful news for businesses and consumers alike. The problem arises when there is a railway accident. Since these trains are typically transporting items, it is unlikely for there to be very many passengers on board.

This does not mean that there are no people en route from railway workers to nearby pedestrians. The results of a train accident can be catastrophic in many instances. If you or a loved one have been involved in a train accident you need to contact a knowledgeable Florida East Coast railway (FEC) accident attorney.

What Causes Train Accidents?

Just like any other kind of accident, there are several ways that a railroad accident can occur involving employees and trains of Florida East Coast railway (FEC). some of the most common reasons that train accidents happen are:

Although these are the most common, they are not the only reasons why a railway accident can occur. If you or a loved one are involved in a train accident you will need a skilled Florida East Coast railway (FEC) accident attorney.

Possible Injuries From Train Accidents

As you can imagine, injuries from a train vs person accident can be severe. Oftentimes the person may not survive the impact due to the size and speed of the train. For those who do survive, injuries can be:

This is not an exhaustive list but only to show you the different types of injuries you may sustain after an accident. You will need a knowledgeable Florida East Coast railway (FEC) accident attorney that you are not left paying for all of the medical expenses that will come with your injuries.

Compensation After a Railway Accident

You can be entitled to compensation after an accident for any damages you may have sustained during the accident. Some of those damages include:

You may be entitled to some or all of these, there may also be other forms of compensation that can be sought on your behalf. Compensation will depend on the facts of your case.


Each time you head to work at the railroad, you risk life and limb. Working around heavy machines like trains is dangerous, even when the train isn’t moving. Railroaders not only run the risk of suffering serious injury or death but also face discrimination and harassment from their employers and co-workers.


Railroaders can suffer the same injuries as train passengers, pedestrians, and others who are in or near a train. The most common railroader injuries our firm has seen include broken bones, injuries to the ears and eyes, loss of limb, concussions and other TBI, paralysis, internal bleeding, death, and organ damage.

It is important to note that this is not an exhaustive list of injuries. A Florida East Coast railway (FEC) accident attorney at The Kaufman Law Firm will investigate your case and fight for your right to compensation.


No one should face harassment when they are at work, even when working on the railroad. Being a railroader is a stressful enough job because of the injury risks associated with the job. Facing harassment from your employer, customers, vendors, contractors, or co-workers should never be tolerated. Examples of workplace harassment include the following:


Your employer is legally prohibited from discriminating against you for various reasons. The federal and state laws make it illegal for your employer to discriminate in any aspect of employment, including the following:

If you suffer an injury on the railroad as an employee, you should not feel frightened or fear you will lose your job should you file a report. If you do, it’s important that you speak with an experienced Florida East Coast railway (FEC) accident attorney about your case.

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