FedEx Discrimination Attorney

FedEx Discrimination Attorney

Both federal law and California law prohibit employers from discriminating against employees and applicants/candidates. Unfortunately, sometimes employers do not obey the law. When employers are guilty of engaging in discriminatory practices, Employees and candidates negatively affected by their misconduct can file claims or lawsuits accordingly.

FedEx is one example of a large employer that has been found to have discriminated against certain employees in the past. Although FedEx has made certain adjustments to the way it evaluates employees and job candidates in response to accusations of discrimination, that does not mean the company has necessarily addressed all such issues.

FedEx & Discrimination: What You Need to Know

In 2007, FedEx Express, a unit of FedEx Corp., settled a class action racial discrimination case for upwards of $50 million.

This case started when approximately 23,000 Hispanic and Black FedEx Express employees filed a lawsuit stating some of the company’s human resources policies were “rife with stereotyping and racial bias.”

Specifically, the lawsuit stated that the usage of a “Basic Skills Test” when determining if employees were eligible for promotions or raises resulted in unfair bias against people of color within the company.

Along with agreeing to pay the plaintiffs, FedEx Express also agreed to stop using the Basic Skills Test. That’s not to say the company openly admitted wrongdoing. The company’s CEO at the time, David J. Bronczek, stated, “Let me be clear — FedEx Express does not discriminate and did not discriminate in this case — period. We voluntarily entered into this consent decree to avoid the likely greater expense of continued proceedings in an unpredictable and often irrational litigation environment.” This statement is at odds with the accusations made by literally tens of thousands of employees.

Holding FedEx Accountable for Discrimination

The above example indicates that, despite what the company’s CEO said, it appears FedEx may have engaged in discriminatory practices in the past. It is possible the company continues to do so.

Keep in mind that racial discrimination is not the only potential form of discrimination in the workplace. Employers may also discriminate against employees due to:

You do not need to merely accept the circumstances if you are a FedEx employee who is been the victim of discrimination. Review your case with a qualified FedEx discrimination attorney to learn more about your legal options.

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Are you a current or former employee of FedEx? Do you have a strong reason to believe you have been the victim of discrimination? Or, have you witnessed discrimination in your workplace?

If so, you may have grounds to take legal action against FedEx. Keep in mind that doing so does not merely benefit you personally. When companies are held accountable for discriminatory practices, they are less likely to engage in such practices in the future. By filing a claim or lawsuit against FedEx for discrimination, you may be helping future employees avoid unfair treatment.

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