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CSX was truly established in 1827 and has grown with the railway industry ever since. They began with horse-drawn train cars to today where they have a 21,000-mile network that can be found in 23 states. CSX Corporation is a leading transportation supplier. This means they transport both goods and people.

One might assume that a ride on a CSX train would be smooth sailing with their extensive experience and network. Accidents do happen and if you have been involved you will need the experience of a California CSX railroad accident attorney from The Kaufman Law Firm by calling 818-990-1999 or by clicking here.

How do Railroad Accidents Happen?

Since CSX offers different services an accident can also occur in a range of ways. The most common kinds of railroad accidents we see are:

There are also freak accidents that can occur which are not listed here. It is important to seek medical attention if possible after a railroad accident.

Possible Injuries After a Railroad Accident

Injuries caused by a railroad accident can be some of the most catastrophic and life-altering we see. These injuries can often change your life forever. The most common injuries after a railroad accident are:

Oftentimes, people who are involved in a railroad accident do not survive leaving their families in shambles.

Compensation After a Railroad Accident

After a railroad accident, you may be entitled to obtain compensation for the following:

Due to the size and speed of CSX locomotives, injuries are life-changing. This is not an exhaustive list and compensation will be determined by the facts of your case. If a loved one has passed away during a railroad accident you may be entitled to survivors’ benefits or a wrongful death claim.

Liability and Railroad Accidents

Railroad accidents can be caused by a number of reasons which also means that there can be various parties who can be held liable for your injuries and losses. The first thing that an attorney will do is work to determine liability. We will need to prove that the liable party owed you a duty of care and breached that duty of care leading to your injuries and damages. Possible at-fault parties include the conductor, other drivers that may have caused the accident, CSX, and train part manufacturers.

California Csx Railroad Employees

Working on the California CSX railroad is rewarding and dangerous. Heavy machinery like trains is fun to be around but can cause serious injuries when safety is not taken into account. You need to protect your rights if injured on the railroad or if you face harassment or discrimination. An experienced California CSX railroad accident attorney at The Kaufman Law Firm can answer all of your questions.

Injuries Suffered By Railroaders

Railroaders are some of the most important workers in the country. The railroad transports people and goods, ensuring that the economy continues to operate smoothly. Railroad employees who suffer injuries on the job deserve to be compensated for those injuries and free from retaliation should they file a report. We have represented clients with the following injuries:

If you were injured on the railroad and don’t see your injury on this list, it does not mean we cannot represent you. This list is an example of the cases we have handled in the past.

Harassment On The Railroad

When you go to work on the railroad you should not be subjected to any form of harassment. Being harassed by a superior, coworker, or customer is not acceptable in any form. Some examples of harassment we have seen on the California CSX railroad include personal insults, derogatory jokes, expressing intolerance towards a race or ethnicity, and racial slurs.

Discrimination On The California Csx Railroad

The California CSX railroad is prohibited from discriminating against its employees. Consult an attorney immediately if you have been discriminated against on the railroad. State and federal laws prohibit discrimination in any of the following areas of employment:

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