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College is the next chapter in a long journey for many teens and adults who are pursuing their education. It is an exciting new experience and a brand new world to navigate. Many teens who are transitioning from high school into college may not be aware of all of the dangers they may face especially sexual assault.

Oftentimes, parents do not have conversations with their teens to teach them what sexual harassment, sexual assault, and gender discrimination look like. This is why many times they do not know they were harassed or assaulted until much later in life when it may be too late. When you need a California college campus sexual assault attorney call 818-990-1999 or click here.

California Above The National Average For Sexual Harassment Cases

The numbers are shocking for some who may not have realized that although California is home to many coveted schools it is also ranked above the national average for sexual harassment cases. A study from UC San Diego Health found the following trends:

These numbers are truly shocking and unacceptable. Every woman or man should feel in the workplace and on college campuses. If you or a loved one have faced sexual assault, you will need to contact a California college campus sexual assault attorney from The Kaufman Law Firm.

Teens And Sexual Harassment

An important step in preventing and identifying sexual assault is to educate your teens on the topic, no matter how uncomfortable it may make you feel. Many teens do not even realize that certain types of subordination or gender-based degradation are an issue. They assume this is how the world works. They often take this thinking onto college campuses with them and this behavior can lead to sexual assault.

You cannot rely on other parents to teach their kids to keep their hands to themselves which is why you must also teach your teens how to identify situations that can lead to assault. This goes for both genders as sexual assault and harassment are not gender-specific contrary to popular belief. Once your teen is able to identify what makes them uncomfortable in their youth they will also be able to do so on a college campus. If an assault does happen, they will be able to confidently contact a California college campus sexual assault attorney to fight for their rights.

The Kaufman Law Firm

Several movements and social media have provided education and a platform for victims to have their voices heard. This is not enough, however, as their perpetrators will also need to be held accountable for their actions. When you need a California college campus sexual assault attorney, contact The Kaufman Law Firm at 310-981-3404 or by clicking here.

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