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The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe railway (BNSF) is one of the largest railroad networks in North America. It has 32,500 miles of track in 28 states and over 8,000 trains. Although the primary focus of BNSF is transporting goods, this does not mean that accidents and injuries cannot occur which injure everyday people. If you or a loved one were involved in a BNSF train accident you should contact a California BNSF railroad accident attorney from The Kaufman Law Firm by calling 818-990-1999 or by clicking here.

Causes of Train Accidents

There are several different reasons that a train accident can occur and some may shock you. The most common causes of train accidents are:

In one specific California case, a young man on a motorcycle flew off his motorcycle and landed on the tracks causing his untimely death.

Who is Liable for a Train Accident?

There are several parties that can be held liable after a train accident. The most crucial step is to prove that the party who is liable for the accident owed you a duty of care and breached that duty of care causing you injury and losses. Once this is established a California BNSF railroad accident attorney can seek compensation from the responsible parties.

At-fault parties can be the company that owns and operates the train like BNSF, manufacturers of train parts, parties in charge of maintaining the railroad, train conductors, and drivers of other vehicles.

BNSF Railroad Accident Injuries

Railroad injuries can leave survivors with catastrophic injuries. You may never fully recover after a train accident. Some of the most common injuries sustained during a BNSF railroad accident are:

In the worst outcomes, your loved one may pass away after a railroad accident.

The Loss of a Loved One

Trains move at extremely high speeds and stopping one in an instance can be difficult. Sometimes the track is not well maintained and your loved one gets caught with no way to stop the train. If a loved one has passed away during a train accident, the family can be entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit. An attorney can seek compensation for the following:

Depending on the circumstances of your case you may be entitled to other types of compensation. Keep in mind your case may not warrant all of these damages.

Employees Of The California Bnsf Railroad

Do you know your rights as an employee of the California BNSF railroad? If not, it is in your best interest to speak with an experienced railroad accident attorney from The Kaufman Law Firm as soon as possible. If you suffer an injury on the railroad you should seek medical attention and file a report immediately. Doing so will protect your rights and make it easier to file a claim.


Railroaders can suffer some of the most catastrophic injuries on the job. Even a minor accident involving a train can change your life. You might be injured to the point where you can no longer work, which means you will need to find a new way to earn an income. The most common injuries we have seen from railroad accidents include:

While this is not an exhaustive list, it shows just how dangerous it is to be a railroad employee in California.


It is not uncommon for railroad workers to experience harassment. Superiors, coworkers, customers, vendors, and contractors have all been accused of harassment on the railroad. You should never tolerate any form of harassment at your place of work. We have handled cases involving the following types of harassment:


Discrimination is banned at the state and federal levels in the railroad industry and this includes on the California BNSF railroad. Your employer cannot discriminate against you in any of the following employment areas when working as a railroader when it comes to firing, hiring, assignment of jobs, pay, laying off employees, promoting employees, benefits, training, and any other areas.

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