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Hostile work environments are nothing new. They have long been a part of work culture and have sparked many attempts to push for workers’ rights in binding legislation. Yet their continued prevalence is an unfortunate reality for many Americans across the United States as many employers push their personal agendas behind closed doors.

Luckily, the historical push for change has led to protective legal measures in California for the average worker. Family medical leave, wrongful termination, harassment, and many other areas are now protected for the sake of the worker. There are a number of steps that you can work through to try to remedy your situation – but seeking a California hostile work environment attorney at The Kaufman Law Firm is the best choice if you find yourself in need of compensation or legal help pertaining to issues with your place of employment.

Examples of a hostile work environment

Work environments are complex places. Varying physical spaces and intertwining relationships that exist in hierarchies (and outside of them) can heavily influence one’s ability to get their work done. Reading the warning signs of a toxic workplace can be very difficult in practice as inappropriate behavior is often shrugged off as “culture” and coworkers question grievances citing the victim’s “sensitivity” to daily banter.

Despite the lack of concern for hostile work environments that exist in many institutions, no one should have to endure such a struggle. Here are several examples of hostile work environments and warning signs that may indicate when someone should lawyer up:

The arms of workplace hostility can stretch far. This can be a terrible feeling if one is simply trying to go about their day, working to support themselves and their families. It can end up threatening one’s livelihood as it is their source of income – and is exactly why a hostile work environment attorney should be contacted as soon as possible.

Where to turn when work becomes too much to handle

Americans spend massive amounts of time working. Their 9-5 on every passing weekday means that working is one of the activities individuals spend the most time doing.

When hostile work environments end up controlling the life of an individual, legal action is usually recommended. Our California hostile work environment attorneys at The Kaufman Law Firm have years of experience in handling employment law cases and are ready to address your legal needs. If you or a loved one are suffering at the hands of a hostile employer or coworker, please call 310-981-3404 or reach out to us by clicking here and redirecting to our website for more information.

Have You Been Wrongfully

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