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Placing parents or grandparents in a living facility can be a difficult decision for many families in Los Angeles. You expect the best care but sometimes these places are not what they promise to be and may not provide the quality of services expected from them. Furthermore, you may have to deal with caregivers who do not fulfill their responsibilities and withhold the care your loved one deserves. It is in such scenarios that the insightful legal advice of a Los Angeles elder abuse attorney can come in handy. Attorneys can protect the rights of elder abuse victims and handle your claim efficiently since they are familiar with these complex cases

Types of elder abuse

When elderly individuals become physically frail, they may stop hearing, walking, and may not have the same mental capacity they had during their younger years. It can be trying for caregivers to deal with these circumstances at work but it should not be a license to abuse or harm an older person in any way. Whether physically, emotionally or financially, elder abuse is wrong and should be reported. Some common categories of elder abuse include:

There are laws in Los Angeles that protect the elderly

Elder abuse has become a growing problem in Los Angeles with millions of cases being filed each year. Almost 50% of elderly Americans are expected to live in nursing homes in the coming years. But the good news is that there are legal resources to protect older people during their golden years. For example, Title 22, requires nursing homes in California to adhere to licensing requirements regarding accommodations, food, supervision, among other things provided in facilities across the state. Likewise, the Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Care Civil Protection Act protects elders against neglect and abuse.

Take action

It is very difficult for seniors when they experience maltreatment by people who should care for them. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, the elderly should not be neglected or mistreated. Caregivers tend to cover up this type of behavior and sometimes the victims are too frail to speak up about the abuse.

Whether you are filing a claim for yourself, your loved one, or would like to report elder abuse to local authorities, the sooner you take action the more possibilities to bring the perpetrator to justice and obtain fair compensation for the victim. Contact The Kaufman Law Firm today and schedule your initial case evaluation.

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